Customise your chairs for your home, café or restaurant

Customise your chairs for your home, café or restaurant

by ehaitech |2019年8月1日 | Industrial News

With CDG being all about customisation there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of options in our dining chair range. So not only can you create a personalised look for your dining room, the CDG range is ideal for café’s, restaurants, bars or other commercial spaces.

There are up to 100 core designs, then each of these designs is available in a range of finishes, fabrics and leathers, and different hand-made finishes can be customised.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture suppliers. The range includes options for Vintage finish,Antique finish,French finish,Restro finish,wooden finish, chairs with matching bar stools, tables,and a range of timber seat.

CDG’s range is all unique designed, and includes models designed by stackable function. This design was inspired by practical use. The unique shape & finishes of the chair gives it a distinctive design edge, it’s perfect as a statement chair in restaurants or café’s. The custom options include metal chairs,good for indoor and outdoor.


The Cross back range of chairs is the most extensive, with an armchair option, barstool option, outdoor and stackable options . CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturers.The gently curved metal seat is comfortable and durable, and looks terrific with most dining tables. The aesthetic of the Cross backe chair is distinctly Rustic style , the options available make it an ideal café chair or restaurant chair.


We have plenty of options designed for you, but if you want to create a customised design, contact us. Simply follow the steps to see your design come to life.

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