Vintage Style Stacking Thonet Chair

Vintage Style Stacking Thonet Chair

by ehaitech |2019年10月25日 | Company News

CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers. We were developing well Vintage handmade finish since earlier of 2013. The iron thonet chair is our first generation product.

 At the beginning, we sold this product base solid finish:

White, Black, Red or Blue only; Secondly we sold iron thonet chair base dark wooden finish, and than light wooden finish. Since 2014, we started to think deeply: how to save cost, and meet customers demand. Until end of 2014,we stated to modify the iron thonet chair, to make it stack-able, aluminium version are available, and finish Vintage Style. After these improvement, the loading qty is 2 times more than the un-stack-able version. In this way, CDG save FOB cost,  customers save shipping cost. And stacking version is more suitable for cafe shop, restaurant and Bar use. Iron and aluminium material both available, customers there is one more option, can meet different level customers demand.

One of our customers from Italy, they bought stacking Iron thonet chair from us sine mid of 2019. Until now they bought more than 7*40HC Vintage stacking Iron thonet chair from us, total more than 8000pcs.

Here share some their project images.


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