CDG furniture is the leaders in commercial furniture

CDG furniture is the leaders in commercial furniture

by ehaitech |2019年12月4日 | Company News

Our sales team often gets asked about the difference is between commercial and residential furniture.  After all, the thinking goes, a chair is a chair and a table is a table, regardless of whether you buy it from a retail location or a commercial dealer. Unfortunately, that line of thinking is false for a number of reasons.


Despite the fact that some designers and furniture buyers have taken to choosing residential grade furniture for offices, there are significant benefits to choosing commercial quality furnishings for any business in the hospitality industry.

CDG furniture is the leaders in commercial furniture.First impressions are lasting – and at CDG furniture, we understand that many clients will develop a first impression of your company based solely on the business environment you cultivate. CDG furniture is an innovative and global company that specialises in providing clients with affordable and high-quality products to suit a range of commercial environments. Whether you’re outfitting a modern office or opening a new café, we strive to match your vision with furnishings designed to promote a comfortable and professional ambience.


Our range of over 50,000 products, in twenty different departments, extends from marble-top bars to restaurant dining tables, from laser-cut signboards to eye-catching leisure chairs. However, you won’t have to choose between the products alone! Our specialists will be there to offer you expert advice, ensuring that you find the product that’s right for you and your unique business environment. We’re confident that at CDG furniture, you’ll find everything you need to create a work space that’s comfortable, practical, and looks great too.


The difference between commercial and residential furniture has nothing to do with looks, although residential furniture is often considered more aesthetically pleasing.  Instead, it’s all about construction.  As we said above, commercial furniture has to withstand continuous usage and abuse at the hands of customers and staff.  Because of that, it is built with heavier materials.  Commercial manufacturers typically use 16 or 18 gauge steel is used instead of the 22 or 24 gauge found in retail furniture. 


Commercial furniture can cost more than residential furniture (although not always), but is actually cheaper when you consider cost per use.  As we mentioned above, commercial furniture can easily get 10 times or more usage than residential furniture, but it often costs only 2-3 times as much, making it very cost effective for restaurants, bars, resorts, and offices.

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