Dining table chair Purchasing skills

Dining table chair Purchasing skills

by ehaitech |2020年2月22日 | Industrial News

Today, the increasingly rapid pace of life, everyone is hoping to pleasant to drink coffee, but when it comes to pleasant to drink coffee, coffee tables and chairs to less of it.CDG furniture is a dining table chair factory.It is also the key of the purchase, as long as the master some skills to buy, the purchase will not have to worry about…

1.the purchase of attention to the table and chair material

There are many kinds of tables and chairs at present, the most commonly used materials are wood, marble and glass three. The characteristics of a variety of materials are different, such as solid wood natural beauty, but not easy to clean, easy to clean glass material, but also more easily dirty, must always wipe. So each has its advantages and disadvantages.


2.the purchase of the table and chairs to pay attention to the style of the restaurant

In order to look more harmonious restaurant, dining chairs and other aspects of the shape and color should be unified with the restaurant. This little trick is the color can also be changed by the table cloth, so as to achieve a unified effect.


3.the purchase of the table and dining room size

Generally speaking, the larger the size of the circular dining table, more suitable for use in a large area of the restaurant, and the best to avoid the use of small restaurants. If the restaurant is small if you can use the table, it will make some dining space look bigger.


4.the table chair should not be too heavy

We all know this, because the chair may need to drag to move, if too heavy will be very inconvenient. So it is best to choose a light dining table chair.

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