How to customize furniture?

How to customize furniture?

by ehaitech |2020年3月14日 | Company News

Because a lot of people dining room and decorated in different styles, young people now want to and designer restaurant design companies on the differences, and most of the finished furniture is relatively popular in the design, it is difficult to meet the individual requirements of consumers, therefore, custom furniture has attracted more and more consumers welcome. In recent years, custom furniture has become a model of the design of the decoration, it is a low cost, agile operation of the rapid response to the needs of individual customers, have replaced the traditional furniture making momentum, loved by many owners. CDG furniture is a custom furniture factory.


Custom furniture customization process, everybody is familiar with, the general measurement design, production, transportation, complex scale installation, the entire process by the most professional designers, workers, and professional equipment factory, for consumers, the professional thing to professional people to do, to reduce the scene construction, decoration save time, ensure the quality of furniture, but also more customer service guarantee. CDG furniture is a custom furniture suppliers.So the advantages of custom furniture where, how can we choose to let the satisfaction of custom furniture?

Custom furniture advantage


At present, the market has a large number of custom furniture enterprises. On the basis of mass production, these enterprises will be regarded as a separate market segments for each custom engineering consumers to meet their individual needs. At present, the use of custom furniture are the main form of the dining table, chairs, lockers, screens etc.. Custom furniture for both consumers and manufacturers, the advantages are obvious. Here we mainly look at, for consumers, what are the advantages of custom furniture. Consumer needs are met. Custom furniture according to personal interests put forward for design, design a variety of color collocation, style rich new products to meet different people’s individual requirements of the furniture are popular mass-produced furniture incomparable.


Consumers can control the cost of furniture materials. Custom furniture because of the various parameters of the furniture can be customized, that is, you can control the cost of furniture, that the cost is too high can be reduced. In addition, the vast majority of custom furniture brands are generally looking for suppliers, have good protection materials, and the price is also relatively cheaper, it saves the cost, the price is slightly lower. Different from the common custom furniture to buy finished furniture, consumers and businesses to communicate not only stay in a simple level, but the needs of consumers and businesses the depth of communication, good communication in order to achieve satisfactory results.


Purchase custom furniture should pay attention to


Custom furniture has not yet standardized standards, in terms of materials, environmental protection, price and other manufacturers and consumers of the self appointed. So in the purchase of custom furniture, consumers should consider the following aspects. According to the size of the room to determine the type and size of custom furniture products. If the house area is limited, it is necessary to choose to save space, as simple as possible, the volume is relatively small. To unify with the decoration style. Decoration to determine the style of the home before the purchase of furniture is critical, custom furniture must comply with the overall style of decoration. Pay attention to the rationality of furniture. In the choice of custom furniture, all materials should be consistent with the increase and decrease in the design principles, to take into account the support, practical, beautiful, not wishful thinking to highlight the personality, to focus on rationality.


Custom furniture inspection tips


Customized furniture to meet the needs of the individual, which requires more stringent quality control of the supplier’s products, from the procurement of materials to the process, to the inspection, each step strictly according to the process.

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