Nordic Loft Residential Design

Nordic Loft Residential Design

by ehaitech |2020年3月27日 | Industrial News

The Perfect combination of industrial and Nodic style.


What kind of spark will be when the industrial style combine the Nordic style? Designer Denis Krasikov uses furniture and simple compartments, with a white wall to bring a quiet beauty. Nordic industrial loft, adding a little embellishment, will be able to show personality and vitality.CDG furniture is an industrial and nodic style furniture suppliers.

Without modification of the high ceiling and cultural stone building materials to combine, the Nordic style totally natural. Designers masterly in furniture, furnishings on the use of color embellishment space. The whole open space, just use a wall to divide space, this design is very suitable for single life of the owner.


Lively kitchen although stunning, but too fancy will bring visual fatigue. The white kitchen is simple and clean, with different decorative combination can show personality, enhance taste, shape light cooking attitude. The dining area is arranged in the living room, separated by a wall, and the lemon-yellow seats bring vitality to the space. CDG furniture is an industrial and nodic style furniture manufacturers.

The work area as an indispensable place of home, more should be taken seriously. The use of the corner of the windowsill to create a work area, so you in a relaxed atmosphere more into the work and rest.


The whole room gives plenty of space, but the designers still use some small corner to store clothes or daily necessities. Under the bed of the heightened admission, with a simple fabric set up clothing storage space, living room side of the wooden frame can also accommodate some books or decorations.

Along the stairs and on, is the bedroom, with a wooden frame to take out the bed back to nature. No extra modification, but showing a simple perfect, next to the coat rack to visit the owner often wear clothing, smooth lines, people look very comfortable.CDG furniture is an industrial and nodic style furniture factory.


Using the most classic black and white decorative bathroom, not only brings quiet atmosphere, but also bring a sublimation of the spirit. With some log material, retro bathtub, staircase decoration, so that space does not seem cold and monotonous.

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