Reasonable choose your coffee table and chair

Reasonable choose your coffee table and chair

by ehaitech |2020年4月29日 | Company News

With 80 90 has gradually become the main force of consumption, we love to go to the cafe this elegant and romantic way of life, such as friends after work and go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee, a lazy weekend to sit in a cafe, internet reading magazines, also more and more people are keen to invest in the cafe, cafe tables and chairs to the end buy it? CDG furniture is a professional commercial furniture manufacturers.Here take you to look at the furniture genmed cafe tables and chairs to buy items you want to purchase help.

1.material is reasonable: different coffee table and chair, the surface of the material is also different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinet legs, with hardwood, relatively strong, capable of bearing load, and the internal materials of other materials are available; coat cabinet legs required thickness 2.5cm, thick it is clumsy, easy to bend the thin deformation; the kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not be used in fiber, and should use three plywood, fiberboard, will expand because of damage to coffee tables and chairs should be washable with water.

Found that wood has insect eyes, lost foam, that is not thoroughly dried. It is recommended that you check the finished surface, but also to open doors, doors to see inside a drawer inside the material has not decadent, you can use a fingernail pinch pinch, pinch into a note on the decay of the material. After the doors opened with a nose to smell, if red nose, eyes, tears, that because the formaldehyde content is too high, will be harmful to the human body. tables and chairs moisture content shall not exceed 12%, high moisture content, wood easy warping, deformation. The general consumers to buy, no test instrument, can adopt touch method, hand touch cafe on the bottom surface of the furniture or unpainted place, if you feel dry, so the moisture content of at least 50% or more, can not be used. Your suggestion is another way to have painted wood. Sprinkle a little water, if the slow down or not down, indicating high moisture content.

3.structure is firm: coffee tables and chairs small cafe furniture, such as chairs, stools, racks in the cement floor mop in the selection, fall gently, crisp sound, explain quality is better; if the sound hoarse, splitting the Ba Ba noise, that is not combined with tight mortise structure is not strong. Desks and tables can be shaken and shaken by hand. The sofa can sit, if sitting on the move rattled loud, shake shake, a nail is live, it does not take a long time. Table, table, chair legs should have four triangular clips, fixed effect, the selection of the furniture upside down a look, can touch the cloth chair.

4.feet of coffee tables and chairs is smooth: this point is placed flat on a glance, some coffee tables and chairs only three landing legs. Take a look at the desktop is flat, not bow back or collapse of the waist. The desktop, glass will be placed on spin; recessed desktop, I put pressure on the glass broken. Advise you to check the door, drawer joints can not be too large, should pay attention to the horizontal and vertical, Siemens does not sag.

Guangzhou CDG furniture is a professional manufacturer of commercial furniture manufacturers, the main production of the dining table, dining chair, is in the high-end positioning household metal furniture and external use.


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