Six major advantages of metal Furniture

Six major advantages of metal Furniture

by ehaitech |2020年5月21日 | Company News

Six major advantages of metal Furniture


Highly personalized style

Most of the major components of modern metal furniture with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm high-quality thin-walled carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum metal pipe production. As the thin-walled metal pipe toughness, ductility, and design can be done in accordance with the designer’s artistic ingenuity, give full play to imagination, processed into a variety of curves, curved shape and style. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.


Artistic taste of the metal tube main frame and then with solid wood, wood-based panels, cloth, stone, glass and other accessories or accessories with a clever mix of different kinds of development, thousands of charm, it is refreshing. Many metal furniture, a unique form, avant-garde style, showing a strong personality style, which is often difficult to compare and match the wooden furniture.

Rich choice of colors

Metal furniture surface finish can be said to be colorful, can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder coating, it can be light can be Kam chrome; can be bright crystal, luxurious elegant titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, also Can be titanium and powder spray two or more colors matched the perfect combination of Zenghui. At present, the international popularity of the plating K gold-plated and gold-plated process, but also to the grade of metal furniture and taste to a very high level. Metal furniture set to use functional and aesthetic functions in one, and some high-grade Need for a collection of value.


Variety of categories

Metal furniture category and variety is very rich, suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room furniture used in everything. These metal furniture can be a good family to create a different room for the different needs of the atmosphere, but also make the home more diversified and more modern style.


With folding function

Many varieties of metal furniture folding function, not only easy to use, but also save space, so that the limited area of ??the family living environment is relatively relaxed and comfortable.CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturer.

Quite aesthetic value

The past two years in the domestic emerging iron furniture into the classical Chinese and Western charm in the seemingly rough style, elegant and simple yet modern atmosphere, rather artistic appreciation of the value and aesthetic value for today’s furniture market adds a unique landscape.


Goods inexpensive

The price of metal furniture is much lower than that of solid wood furniture, which is not good enough for people with incomparable incomes, but the family who decorate their homes lightly and creatively is not yet rich, but the families who pay attention to the benefits and beauty are Can be described as inexpensive.

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