The difference between the hotel dining table and chairs

The difference between the hotel dining table and chairs

by ehaitech |2020年7月31日 | Industrial News

Hotel dining room table chair than the use of more damage to the guests at different levels, the concept of furniture care is not the same, so there is a big difference between material requirements:


The hotel dining tables and chairs suitable for use with high hardness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and good table, guests tend to smoke here, accidentally will burn the surface of furniture, design must consider the fire performance table, available with the fire resistance of wood table or metal table; and civil furniture generally do not need to consider.

Good waterproof performance is 2, the hotel dining tables and chairs and tables and chairs; hotel by seasonal changes, will cause the surface cracking deformation, sealing off, mildew and other effects, surface appearance, damage the image of the hotel, directly affect the hotel occupancy rate is relatively low and household furniture.


The difference between civil furniture and hotel furniture


The hotel is more difficult to maintain the table and chair than the home, because of the high utilization rate of hotel furniture, and household furniture is different, is their own furniture, family members will be relatively cherished.

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