4 Easy Balcony Decor Ideasfe to your outdoor gatherings

4 Easy Balcony Decor Ideasfe to your outdoor gatherings

by ehaitech |2020年8月21日 | Company News


In city apartments, the balcony is often the only space where you can take in some outside air and enjoy the outdoors from your living space. Whether your view is natural and green or part of a vibrant cityscape, outfitting your balcony with outdoor furniture like wicker furniture, an outdoor lounge setting, outdoor chairs, or sun lounges can transform it into an extra room.CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture factory. Here are four easy decor ideas for transforming your balcony:


Chic and Modern

Minimalist décor adds a touch of class to any outdoor space no matter how large or small it is. If your balcony is space-challenged, take advantage of this design principle and choose each element carefully. The Nardi line combines form and function for a sleek, contemporary look. Be selective with your colour palette as well; consider sticking with one family of earth tones, or mix a dark and light tone to create tasteful contrast that moves the eye through the space.


Zen Garden

Turn your balcony into the perfect oasis with an Asian-inspired Zen garden theme. Serenity can be just steps away with a balcony that is decorated with clean lines and Zen-inspired décor. Bamboo trees, Asian art, and a Buddha statue are a must. Select garden furniture with clean lines or wicker furniture in subtle blond tones or sleek mahogany looks.

Parisian Terrace

Another garden look that can be perfect for a balcony is French-inspired décor. A simple bistro table and chairs along with potted flowers and blooming plants can quickly create the look of a European garden. The Parisian style is chic and somewhat delicate, with ornate flourishes and stylish accents. You’ll love retreating here with a cup of coffee and the newspaper in the morning or with a good romance novel in the evening.


A Touch of Whimsy

If you want your balcony to be a total escape and departure from a more traditionally decorated living space, consider going all-out with your colour and design choices. Sun lounges in bright, bold colours along with accessories like sun umbrellas, colourful cushions, and bright pillows can create the perfect casual escape.


A furnished balcony can offer a welcome respite from a busy life. It’s a window to the world where you can take in some fresh air along with your surroundings. The right outdoor furniture can transform your balcony from basic to beautiful. Whether your taste is wicker furniture, contemporary garden furniture, or festive sun lounges, there’s an ideal style for you.


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