The Color Blue

The Color Blue

by ehaitech |2020年11月6日 | Company News

This year we are craving the color blue. Depending on the shade of blue, it can be used to make a small space feel larger or a large space feel more cozy. Blue, can be used in a monochromatic color scheme to create a tranquil feel or as a pop of color in neutral palette.When designing a room, always ask yourself how you want to feel in the space.The paint color, accessories, and furniture all work together to create a mood.

Blue is a common color found in nature that evokes peace and cleanliness, it also signifies strength and durability. Blue is the perfect color to incorporate into an industrial modern space because the look is all about clean lines, strength, and durability.

If your space has a neutral color scheme like grey, add some blue. Pairing a grey color scheme with blue or other cool colors will create the feel of stability and balance. The dining set below from CDG Furniture is an excellent way to add texture and warmth to an industrial modern space.


All of the pieces featured above are from CDG Furniture, to shop this look visit us at CDG Furniture !

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