How to Select Your Event Furniture?

How to Select Your Event Furniture?

by ehaitech |2020年11月27日 | Company News

As we know create an environment that enhances is very important for any situation, especially for event.

Suitable and comfortable furniture could set a nice mood for all the attendees and creating the right ambiance for your event.

CDG is an industrial and vintage style metal furniture manufacturer. CDG have supply a lot of furniture to rental furniture customers from different countries.


Bellowing are some tips for chooses event furniture:

1.Degree of comfort for all the seating.

For example: chairs, sofa and stool are comfortable enough. Since some time the event like conference it may last 3-4hours, event 5-6 hours.

2.Color and style match for different type furniture in same event.

Like table and chair colors are matching for set, stool color match the counter.

CDG metal furniture supply various colors in different finish, suitable for different event, like wedding and parties.

3.Weight of the furniture.

Event furniture has to be strong enough, but not so heavy. Due to it may have move frequently.

So aluminium furniutre will be a good choose.


4.Easy to assemble.


5.Convenient for transporting.

Chairs it have to can stackable, table in knock down structure.

In this way, volume will smaller to save space and transport cost.


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