How To Use Vintage Furniture For Wedding Decorations

How To Use Vintage Furniture For Wedding Decorations

by ehaitech |2020年12月3日 | Industrial News

Vintage Furniture For Weddings


Not sure how vintage got so popular and even though Huffington Post claimed publicly that vintage is dead, it seems to be gaining even more steam and taking a little turn away from rustic and a little more toward rustic chic. With every industry, opportunists abound (i.e., that’s code for smart people who know how to jump on a good thing when they see it!) and of course, the wedding industry is no exception. Sharp people with a head for business quickly picked up on the vintage craze and began offering vintage furniture for sale or rent to brides swooning over the vintage wedding shoots popping up on wedding websites everywhere. However, there’s an art to using vintage furniture and accessories in your wedding without it looking like your great Aunt Susie’s garage sale!

Where To Find Vintage Furniture


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