5 Steps Help You To Set Up Your Seating Space

5 Steps Help You To Set Up Your Seating Space

by ehaitech |2021年1月21日 | Industrial News

Seating area is one important part for restaurant, which will affect your restaurant performance and customer experience. CDG is one restaurant furniture supplier, we are here to help and provide some proposal base on our own knowledge and experience.


What operating hours?

Firstly, pls. consider your operationg hours before setting up your seating  area.

You will serve breakfast, lunch or dinner? Of you serve all of them?

In that case, the preparation time between each shift will be short and you will need an optimal set-up to allow your staff to operate faster.


That means, you should keep enough space between the tables for your staff to pass through and access kitchen.

At the same time, the chairs should can put under the tables to keep all the paths clear.

Serve what type of food?

Before setting up seating area, you have to consider 2nd point – which kind food your restaurant serve.

If serving large seefeed platters and Bigger Pizza, definitelly you need enough spcace for wide tables.

If offering take-away food, then you just need a few space only.


Which kind dishes will you use?

Think about the plates and cutlery you will use, this is the 3rd  point.

You should have a clear idea of the kind of food you will serve and the plates you will use to do so.

Ceramic or melamine tableware you are going to us?


What table top sizes you have to decide.

Once you have decide the above 3 points, you should start to consider the tables now.

60*60cm are standard size for 2 persons. Than you can think about 70*70cm and 80*80cm these two size for 4 persons.

Finally,  think about big dining tables for team.

Meanwhile, you should thinking to choose the tables  can easy to move and meet differen configuarations.

Square tables allow to conbine with other same size tables.

Round tables don’t offer this flexbility but are great for smaller space, like take-away shops and cafes.

How many table can you  place?

Until this step, you know the shape and size fo the table, you can calculate how many tables you can fit in you seating space.

But we recommand you that to leave at least 1.6m between tables to allow customers to pass and taff operate smoothly.


We hope the above steps will help you to geting start your restaunt.Any table and chair you need, welcome to contact CDG restaurant furniture.

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