Five Things To Consider When Selecting Bar Stools

Five Things To Consider When Selecting Bar Stools

by ehaitech |2021年1月21日 | Industrial News

Selecting commercial bar stools might be more complicated than you think. Style, color, design …, we believe you already have a rough idea of what you want, but did you consider what height it should be? Do you want your stools to swivel? Should they have armrests?


#1 Positioning

First of all, you should know where you will place your commercial bar stools. This will help you to decide on the colour and the style you need, especially if you divide your space into different areas with different themes.

A light colour might fit here next to your window but a darker colour might be better at the back near your bar area.


#2 Height

The height will also depend on the positioning of your commercial bar stools, as well as the countertop or the tables you will use. Indeed, remember to allow enough space for customers’ legs between the top of the seat and the bottom of the countertop or the table. It sounds pretty obvious but some restaurants and cafes seem to forget about that!



#3 Comfort

Select stylish commercial bar stools but please don’t cut on comfort. Comfortable stools = happy customers = returning customers.

If you can, select commercial bar stools with padded seats and offer an amazing seating experience to your customers! They will be able to sit for a longer period painlessly and enjoy their meal. This is especially important in bars and pubs where you expect your clientele to sit for a while.

In restaurants, however, you might get away with slightly less comfortable commercial bar stools since the bar counter is not be the main area but just a transition when people wait till their table is ready.


#4 Swivel

The swivel option allows your customers to move from side to side without having to move the base of the commercial bar stool, which can be extremely convenient at times.

Bar stools with swivel will be great at the bar counter but you might want to keep them away from your tables – customers might not enjoy spinning around while eating!


#5 Footrest & Backrest & Armrest

Often underrated, footrests are so important! They allow your customers to sit comfortably without having their legs dangling till it hurts. Female clients wearing heels all day long will love you for that!

Same with backrests, they can bring some extra comfort, a plus your customers will find valuable!

Finally, armrests are also comfortable and they look good. Just be aware they are more challenging to fit correctly as they don’t tuck under your counter or your table.


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