Landscape Design Tips for Small Spaces

Landscape Design Tips for Small Spaces

by ehaitech |2021年2月25日 | Industrial News

In working with a small area, you want to avoid wasting any space. The first step is to start with a Plan. Ask yourself what the function of the space will be and what size of an area each space needs to be. Will you be using your space for entertaining, including a dining area, bar area, or lounge area with a fire pit? Or will it be an open lawn space for children and dogs to play? Or perhaps a combination of both? Once you decide what you want your space to be used for, it will be easier for you to come up with a design. Keep in mind that dividing your space into a series of smaller spaces can make your yard feel larger.


Create Focal Points. Use multiple focal points to move the eye around the yard as opposed to one larger focal point. For example, you may choose to have a beautiful standard tree, or a bird bath, or garden ornament placed throughout your different spaces.

Scale. Consider the size of your space when selecting patio furniture and other garden elements. It is necessary to keep them in scale with the area. For instance, when choosing patio furniture, keep in mind you want enough space around the perimeter of the set to walk freely when the chairs are pulled out. Or consider a set that has seating that can be “tucked away”.


Choose garden elements that have Multi-functional Features such as a built-in bench that doubles as storage or a small tree that can be used a focal point, but also blocks an undesirable view.


Use of a Colour Scheme. Incorporating an accent colour from the exterior of your home into your garden colour scheme will make your space feel larger. Also, using a darker colour on a fence can make it seem further in the background than a lighter colour might.


Container Gardening can be excellent for small spaces. The use of raised planters as well as groups of pots of varying sizes and heights in clusters will draw the eye upwards, highlighting the height of your space.


You may not be able to change the size of your yard, but maintenance will go a long way. Pruning and cleaning out brush, leaves and debris can create the sense of a larger space.


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