Metal Furniture At The Time

Metal Furniture At The Time

by ehaitech |2021年3月9日 | Company News

In our lives, Furniture is indispensable things, the styles in the market is diverse.


With the rise of the “green revolution” of the iron and steel industry and the promotion of the “zero energy consumption” production process, metal materials from the selection process to the production process and after the elimination, will not bring waste to the community, but not the ecological environment Too unfriendly influence, is reusable, sustainable development of resource products.

Guangzhou CDG Furniture ( production of metal furniture with 10-station system cleaning phosphating process, can effectively ensure the coating and the workpiece surface firmness, the coating material using environmentally friendly automotive coatings, sunscreen, Waterproof, moisture-proof effect is excellent, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.


Metal furniture, can be with solid colors, can be metal with solid wood, also can be metal with fabric and leather and other soft materials combination;

Metal furniture, can be presented in modern style, can be presented in the pastoral wind, and now it is blowing a wave of retro industrial wind.


Many furniture like the table in the picture below which is changed by metal equipment, which has become the favorite of some fashion people now.


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