Development Course And Design Trend Of Chairs

Development Course And Design Trend Of Chairs

by ehaitech |2021年8月20日 | Industrial News

Generally speaking, the design and development of a product is used to meet the material needs of people in pursuit of high-quality life in the new era, reflecting the economic and technical conditions at that time, and the needs of the development of people’s lifestyle. Meeting people’s real needs is the basic starting point of design. With the change of social environment, people’s income changes, people’s demand is also changing, further to the advanced level of demand development. The chair is to adapt to the social behavior of human beings, weaken and relieve the various fatigue state of human body, is the main furniture to support the normal work and rest of the human body.

The pace of modern social life is very fast, and whether it is life or work, most people are sitting on. According to statistics, people have more than 1/3 time to deal with seats every day. Design for the seat is an important content of modern design, it can be said that there is no relationship between the design of objects and human life can exceed the chair. Therefore, for a long time, people’s exploration and efforts in the design of chairs are very much. CDG furniture is a designer chair manufacturers.


Design is a kind of special art, and the creation process of design is the artistic creation process that follows the principle of practicality and beauty. In order to achieve the purpose of human life and the creation is a kind of artistic creation, the so-called “art” in the creation, design refers to the material production system of “creation” in accordance with the laws of beauty and art activities activity refers to feelings about the beauty of form of pleasure and judgment of experience in the process of evaluation subject. The development of chair is the process of chair design constantly updated. In this course, art constantly influences and promotes the development of chair design style. CDG furniture is a designer chair suppliers.

The development of technology and economy is the basic condition of design and realization. The development of technology requires furniture design to reflect the advantages of new technology and occupy the market by innovation, which will inevitably change the appearance and connotation of furniture design. Throughout the evolution of human design and the history of technology development, we can see that the two are complementary and inseparable. In the history of chair development, too, the change of chair is synchronous with the development of technology. In view of the position of chair in life, it can be regarded as a mirror of technology, art and economic development history. A unique style, novel in design must absorb the chair when the new production technology and materials, flash out of fashion and diversity, reflect the national characteristics and customs. As George Nielsen said in 1953: “a truly original idea — every design innovation, application over a new material, each kind of furniture technology can get the most vivid expression in the chair.”


The trend of chair design gradually develops in the following directions:


(1) safety. Safety is the most important factor in chair design. Chair design should not only protect environment and durability, but also pay attention to “protection” design.

(2) comfort. The comfort of chairs is the first consideration when people buy seats. In order to make chairs more comfortable, the scientific design concept and the latest technology in furniture design and manufacturing are becoming more and more obvious.

(3) personalization. Today is the age of personality openness, liberalization, personalization is the most sought after goal. Chairs, as a kind of furniture, also keep pace with the times. More people should be satisfied with different personality needs.

(4) multi function. Stimulating the pace of life faster and faster, will continue to impact our lives. In the chair design side, the use of stimulating art design is highly valued, because it is good at expressing the feelings of the owner, novelty, unique, very dynamic. Capital market facing demand. Chair design trends have evolved from practicality to laughter, pursuit of individuality, diversity as the main body. The modern chair design should have more innovation. To cater to different customers’ needs.

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