The Classic Products Of CDF Furniture

The Classic Products Of CDF Furniture

by ehaitech |2021年9月9日 | Company News

As a furniture factory, you can clearly feel in recent years China furniture and Home Furnishing industry market and the reign of terror, cruel cold industry trend to let many practitioners have blind and confused, negative emotion. Overnight, it seemed as if “shaking Qian Shu” was no longer so easy to blossom and bear fruit. In a moment, it seemed that the whole world was full of complaints and abuses.


The big changes in the furniture and home industries are, in most people’s eyes, the emergence of hidden weaknesses in the industry for years, but it’s not. On the contrary, this proves that Chinese furniture and home industry from adolescence to maturity. Some people may remember that years ago, as young people, they worked frantically and excitedly and earned good returns, but that was a period of ignorance. At present, although the market environment is not good, everyone is not easy to make money, but now is the mature period. As adults, we all understand a truth: “mature, is by constant frustration, waiting, thinking and experience in exchange.””. So, as a furniture and home industry, you should cherish the present, because the present can give you unlimited possibilities.


In the era of infighting between furniture and home industry, good weapons are not only good products, but also need a good model. The company is committed to innovation and Jermaine retro furniture style, following the introduction of our two classic furniture.

1.ToliX metal chairs (wherever there is a bar, there is ToliX)

Tolix classic French metal chair, a taste of the attitude of the chair, designed in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard, in fact, it is early as outdoor furniture design, fashion designers around the world after being loved, it successfully extended to Home Furnishing, from outdoor commercial, display and other purposes.

The chair also have a good performance in all kinds of space to deliver the goods, outdoor materials can smooth the profile of American country collocation, very suitable for the Nordic minimalist, lazy temperament is a typical French retro fashion, worthy of praise 100th take the chair.


2.Cross Back Chair (European and American style restaurant chair)

Our flagship product

1) metal chairs, sturdy and durable compared to wooden chairs and plastic chairs.

2) retro style, classic trend, indoor and outdoor suitable, can be placed in the dining room, living room, terrace, and commercial places, such as hotels, bars.

3) different surface effects of different styles, pure color and classic, do old and retro.

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