Chair Selection And Maintenance Skills

Chair Selection And Maintenance Skills

by ehaitech |2021年9月27日 | Company News

CDG furniture teach you the chair purchase points:


First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the metal chairs are treated by corrosion protection. Because of the limitation of the metal itself, the metal parts which are not disposed of or disposed improperly are easy to rust in the humid environment.


Secondly, the metal parts are iron chairs so welded together, to carefully observe the welding parts and each metal bend is solid, smooth, no obvious convex folds.


Third, to observe whether the riveting of metal parts and steel pipe is firm, whether the rivet cap is smooth and flat, without burr. Finally, also with overall hand touch check again, see the chair surface is smooth, there is no bump, bump or bulge marks.


CDG furniture teach you the chair maintenance skills:


Solid wood chair: you can directly wipe with dry cloth, and then hit some cleaners, do not use too wet cloth to wipe, and then to dry, that will make the decay of the internal decay of solid wood. But do not expose in the sun, that will allow the decay of wood internal decay, affecting its service life.


Cloth chairs: cleaning cloth chairs at the most critical part is facing, because it is made of cloth finishing, in order to ensure that the material does not hurt, not scrub, can only use a wet towel to wipe, if the dirty words can be cleaned with diluted agent supporting cleanser, attention concentration can not be too high, so as not to fade.


Iron chair: we all know, wrought iron furniture is easy to embroider, so in peacetime use, as little as possible contact with water, clean with special cleaning agent, spray, wipe with dishcloth. Then dry it randomly. That’s all right.


Leather chair: method of cleaning leather chair relative cloth chairs is very simple, we only need to gently wipe with a wet towel, because it is so good to clean leather, but this kind of chair after the cleaning, not exposure, so as not to cause serious damage to the cortex, but also in the dry after the best an oil brush.


Plastic chair: we all know, plastic chairs move more convenient, many families buy for children, and usually do not need to fold up. This is very convenient, plastic chairs under general circumstances with clean water can be, if there is a special material to get above, you need to find the corresponding diluent for cleaning.

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