Style Classification of Dining Furniture

Style Classification of Dining Furniture

by ehaitech |2021年11月3日 | Industrial News

What are the styles of catering furniture? Dining furniture can be divided into modern simplicity, industrial retro, rural pastoral, Chinese solid wood, classical art, personalized creativity, fashion and leisure seven styles.

Modern minimalist furniture is mainly based on the simple style of furniture. This kind of catering furniture can meet the needs of people’s daily use, and make furniture structure as simple as possible, fashionable, flexible and popular.


The performance of modern style Home Furnishing designed to be simple but not simple, stylish and elegant, very classic design elements of postmodernism, modern style design will Home Furnishing space decorated deep, elegant and failure of modern design style, suitable for young fashion Home Furnishing.


The design concept of industrial retro furniture is the need for personalization and practicality. The main products are industrial wind retro furniture series, dining table dining chair series, sofa seat series, furniture styles above color can be customized according to the needs.

Industrial wind retro furniture production materials mainly based on solid wood and metal. Wooden desks and chairs are used as tables and chairs, so that the depth and texture of the wood can be completely displayed. Especially the old wood, furniture made more texture.


Rustic style furniture design has gradually prevailed, can be roughly divided into European garden furniture, American country furniture, Korean garden furniture and Chinese rural style furniture, furniture products are the main dining table, dining chair, dining room sofa etc..


Classical art furniture can be divided into two categories, antique furniture with collection value and imitation Ming and Qing style furniture. The tables and chairs of Chinese and European classical furniture are mainly made of solid wood, while keeping the classical flavor while meeting the aesthetic standards of the contemporary people.


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