CDG Bertoia Metal Wire Chair

CDG Bertoia Metal Wire Chair

by ehaitech |2021年12月2日 | Company News

Harry Bertoia is a famous American designer. In 1950, Bertoia designed a steel bar to make a solid, light and economical chair, which attracted people’s attention to metal chairs. In 1952, he by bending a metal rod design a creative Bertoia chair, the chair steel rod is arranged in an orderly manner, graceful and rounded, not only durable, is a highly cost-effective products, the use of a metal seed shape to chair rich modern feeling, because the production is simple, material simple, suitable for mass production, so it has been popular since the chair.

CDG’s Bertoia furniture products, metal wire, perfect welding, simple structure, smooth style, beautiful gorgeous appearance, exquisite craft, it is a good example of a chair in the pursuit of comfortable, modern, fashion classic extremely, with a new style for our life.

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