Guide To The Selection Of Metal Furniture

Guide To The Selection Of Metal Furniture

by ehaitech |2021年12月23日 | Industrial News

As we all know, the market of metal furniture market is mixed, the quality is uneven, to all the purchase of metal furniture people are inconvenient. So how do we buy the real quality of high-quality metal furniture? Suggest that you focus on the following aspects:

1, wall thickness: good metal furniture wall thickness in 1.2-2.5mm, cheap goods may use 0.5-1.0mm thick iron tube; good table stand with 4mm thick high-quality triangle board support desktop, poor, will use fine iron tube welding a box and legs connected on the line. Look, the quality of a triangle board is 16 pounds, poor iron frame only 2 jin heavy, this is the difference, a great price difference, a great quality difference, a great quality difference.


2, welding mouth: good metal furniture structure, all welding interface all polished smooth, and then to electrostatic spray, and cheap goods is impossible to spend that man to polish you.

3, spray: regular products to go through oil, pickling, phosphating, rinsing, dusting, dusting, drying, cooling, packaging and many other processes, in order to produce a set of good quality table. And cheap goods, they simply: sandblasting, dusting, drying to solve the problem, such a product because not processed, long time, from the pipe wall rust outside, and more manufacturers are simple, brush black paint directly on the dry line.


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