Classic Industrial Wind Chair

Classic Industrial Wind Chair

by ehaitech |2022年3月3日 | Industrial News

Open life
What the owner wants to decorate is a single – layer Vitoria – era terrace that is similar to the city of Melbourne. With the help of ecological architects, they have turned their crowded, dark home into a sunny home by reducing the ecological footprint of their homes.

Life and dining area
In the area of life and restaurants, a line of light and bright light is built along the windows and doors of roof windows, and the floor of fellow friends is recycled to complete the natural oil sealant, which is full of warmth and a sense of flow.

Master bedroom
On the four – column bed, it was covered by the linen from the industrial steel tube and Harper, worn several years ago in the United States. At the other end of the room is a custom desk from an international map and an industrial wind chair with a classic CDG furniture.

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