CDG Furniture Teaches You How To Choose Home Table Chairs

CDG Furniture Teaches You How To Choose Home Table Chairs

by ehaitech |2022年3月10日 | Industrial News

A good table and chair can be used to make the dining environment more comfortable. When a family is having a meal, there is no need for gossip. The dining table chair directly affects the happiness of family members when they are having a meal, so naturally they have to choose carefully. Many people are confused about this, and CDG furniture reminds you that you actually have a lot of details to take into consideration for choosing a table and chair.

One,The space size of the dining area


Whether it is a special restaurant or a restaurant function, we must first determine the size of the dining area. is big enough and there is an independent restaurant, so you can choose a heavy table and chair to match the space.


2.the space is limited. The number of dining people is uncertain. It can choose a telescopic dining table. There is no need to buy a large dining table for a few large meals in a year.


The family of small family can choose a table to play different roles, such as writing desk to meet some basic learning and office needs. Or if the number is not much, you can also use the small tea table in the living room as a table.

Two, the overall style

We must pay attention to the choice of dining table with the whole decoration style. Imagine the whole style is the Nordic simplicity. Instead, we choose the American country wind table. The effect is amazing.


Three, material and size


The table and chair can be divided into steel wood, toughened glass, marble, solid wood, metal and so on. It is recommended to choose table chairs and chairs made of solid wood or steel tubes. The feet and feet of the chairs are more weight-bearing than other materials.


Now the material of the table is mostly wood based, and has a thick texture. Especially now, more and more people begin to pay attention to environmental protection, and more and more people choose wooden materials.


The selection of the size of the table and chair can be summed up to the following 3 points:

  1. the scientific height of the table is about 72cm.
  2. seat chair height is 45cm, not too high foot touchdown, too low, uncomfortable posture;

When 3. tables and chairs are used, the height difference of the table and chair should be controlled within the range of 28-32cm.

Four, modeling and decoration

The table is a girl who needs your help and dressing up. The choice of table and chair shapes also affects the atmosphere of the home.


For example, a rectangular table is more suitable for a large dinner, a round table has a democratic atmosphere, and a special table is more suitable for two people. It was mentioned earlier that you could use the table as a table.


In decorating, we can choose different tablecloths. The tablecloth material is recommended to use PVC material tablecloth which is insulated, oil proof and waterproof. It eliminates the malpractice of poor Linen Tablecloth and protects the desktop. Of course, if you just like the traditional sense of linen quality, do not think it is troublesome to take care of it. Linen Tablecloth is also a good choice. It is better to use some thermal insulation pads to protect the table. It is suggested that the decoration of the table is as simple and generous as possible. After all, its main function is to eat, as long as it is simple to put a vase.

Five. Design method


According to the design method, the table chair can be divided into foldable, non folding, split table, table chair and continuous table chair.


It is suggested that small family families can choose foldable dining tables and chairs if the space is small, and compare the provincial space; if the dining area is large, it is also possible to choose a non foldable and heavier table chair, which is the overall coordination. The desks and chairs are what we usually use at home.

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