A Hairpin Series Of Stools And Chairs – The Best Choice For Restaurants

A Hairpin Series Of Stools And Chairs – The Best Choice For Restaurants

by ehaitech |2022年4月19日 | Company News

CDG Furniture Co. Ltd. from the beginning of 2022 developed a series of hairpin tables and chairs, including dining chair, stool, stool and chair. The hairpin series table chair is the classic industrial wind furniture, especially suitable for restaurants, cafes and other places. CDG furniture provides various kinds of industrial wind furniture. It is a professional manufacturer of industrial wind furniture and a supplier of industrial wind furniture.

Hairpin chair
The chair is a solid iron frame combined with a bending plate and a backrest. The shape of the foot looks like the hairpin brings different touch. The curved wooden seat board and the back make the seat comfortable enough.


Hairpin stool
Our hairpin series currently consists of 2 versions:
Version 1: the frame is made of solid iron and iron, and the conventional color is light black and white, which can be used for indoor and outdoor.

Version second: solid iron and willow wood plate, but still suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as matte black and white shelf looks very nice, of course with antique shedding effect will be more elegant.

Hairpin stool H65cm or H75cm
As for stool, the wine stool is available for Industry and Manchurian wine stool, including two standard sizes: the high H65cm in the bar stool and the high bar stool of H75cm. Both of these two are suitable for indoor and outdoor.


Hairpin chair
For the bar chair, it is the same as the bar stool, including two standard sizes: the middle bar high H65cm and the high bar chair high H75cm. The hairpin chair was developed only in August 2016. We use heavy metal surface treatment and nano gold and silver treatment.

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