CDG explains the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture?

CDG explains the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture?

by ehaitech |2022年12月21日 | Industrial News

Characteristics of rattan furniture
Natural, simple and leisurely. Rattan furniture is purely handmade, and the original processing procedure of rattan materials is quite complicated, which needs to be processed through cooking, drying, bleaching, mildew prevention, disinfection and sterilization. After strict processing, rattan has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong permeability, natural texture, fresh feel, comfort and uniqueness, and conforms to human mechanics and engineering.


Advantages of rattan furniture

1. Pure handwork is more environmentally friendly
Environment friendly, healthy and practical. Rattan furniture is purely handmade, with no industrial processing products. Handmade, made of pure natural materials and based on the concept of green and environmental protection, it is popular with the public. The products are made by hand and will not cause industrial pollution. They are very good.

2. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer.
Rattan furniture has good air permeability and won’t be stuffy. The thermal conductivity of rattan furniture is very poor, so you won’t feel stuffy when sitting on it. Even if you don’t turn on the air conditioner in summer, you won’t feel stuffy, and it has good air permeability and cool hand feel. In summer, you can use more rattan furniture in your bedroom, which will help you avoid summer heat.


3. Beautiful appearance
Pure handmade products with exquisite workmanship. Vine weaving products are traditional handicrafts handed down by our older generation, and are treasures of our Chinese culture. They are exquisite, smooth in line, unique in art, and can be used as artworks for decoration, integrating practicality and appreciation.

4. Durable
Rattan furniture is solid and dense, not easy to be damaged. After a long period of processing, such as steaming, drying and bleaching, the rattan furniture has become very tough. Even if you squeeze it, the rattan furniture will rebound. Very durable.


Disadvantages of rattan furniture

1. Simple design
It is difficult to make complex patterns of rattan furniture handmade products. The furniture of rattan products are all handmade. After all, the transformation ability of one hand is limited, so its shape will be relatively simple.

2. Cleaning is troublesome
There are many places where rattan furniture hides ashes, so it needs to be taken care of frequently. The surface of rattan furniture is more textured, and it often hides dust. It needs to be cleaned with a wet rag.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture that CDG furniture shares for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about furniture products, please continue to pay attention to CDG furniture.

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