What Should I Do When Outdoor Furniture Encounters Rainy Days?

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Outdoor furniture is very popular, but the most unpredictable is the weather. The biggest worry of many people before purchasing outdoor furniture is what to do with outdoor furniture placed in the yard and terrace when it rains? Wouldn’t outdoor rattan furniture get damp and moldy when it gets wet? Wouldn’t outdoor metal furniture rust and paint when it gets wet? However, what are the differences between these problems and CDG outdoor furniture products?


As we all know, ordinary outdoor furniture must be taken back or covered up quickly in rainy days. If no one happens to be present, it will suffer. The surface, cushion and cushion of outdoor furniture will be soaked in the rain for a long time, and it is easy to rust and mildew if the quality is poor. CDG outdoor furniture products do not have this kind of trouble. All cushions and cushions of Xinningju outdoor furniture are made of waterproof and breathable technology fabrics. Secondly, the technology fabric can also prevent pollution and mildew, but the waterproof fabric can not make the entire cushion waterproof. Zippers and pinholes will allow rain to seep into the interior, so the requirements for padding of cushion and cushion in outdoor furniture are relatively high.


CDG outdoor furniture products also take this situation into account, so Xinningju cushion padding adopts quick-drying cotton, which has higher performance of moisture and moisture prevention. Therefore, it has also been deeply loved by designers in the field of outdoor home furnishing. Compared with ordinary sofa filled sponge, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water and restore dryness. Even if it is accidentally wet by rain, it can only be dried in the sun for 2-3 hours, which will not affect the quality of outdoor furniture. So rainy days will not cause any quality problems for CDG outdoor furniture. Whether in the beach, swimming pool or garden, CDG outdoor furniture products can well adapt to various scenes.

Balcony Tables And Chairs Create A Comfortable Leisure Time

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A small balcony is a space for outdoor activities at home. The balcony is not only a space for family communication, but also a space for daily rest and relaxation. As people pay more and more attention to the family environment, more and more people begin to seek the comfort of the balcony.


The style of balcony tables and chairs should match the family life. Of course, for larger villas, you can choose leisure lounge chairs with large balcony and sufficient space for sitting and lying down, which is of course very comfortable. If you are a city resident living in an apartment, the balcony may be smaller. We can choose more suitable small leisure balcony tables and chairs according to your environment.


Of course, there are different styles of balcony tables and chairs. You must decide according to your own taste. As the saying goes, buy what you like. If you don’t like it, it’s too boring. Life should have its own style, so the style includes pastoral style, simple modern style, European and American modern style, American rural style, Southeast Asian style, neoclassical style, etc.


The balcony tables and chairs are usually not very expensive. A three-piece set of one table and two chairs is a good match. When choosing a balcony chair, you should choose the style that suits you. No matter what style you want, as long as you like comfort. CDG Furniture is a professional manufacturer of outdoor balcony tables and chairs, providing reliable outdoor furniture products. If you want to buy balcony tables and chairs, please contact CDG Furniture immediately.

Maintenance Method Of Garden Table

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Aluminum alloy garden table: If there is dirt on the surface, you can scrub it with clean water. It is not recommended to use concentrated acid or alkaline detergent.

Wooden garden table: scrub with rags instead of scraping with hard objects to avoid damaging the waterproof layer on the surface.

Metal garden table: avoid hitting and scratching the surface protection layer during transportation. Do not stand on the folding furniture, so as not to deform the folding part and affect the use. Only occasionally scrub with warm soap solution, and do not use strong acid or alkali cleaner to prevent damage to the surface protection layer and corrosion.


Tempered glass garden table: Do not use sharp objects to knock or collide with the glass corner to prevent cracking. Do not scrub the glass surface with corrosive liquid to avoid damaging the surface gloss. It is not recommended to scrub the glass surface with rough materials. Prevent scratches.

In short, usually do not put too cold or overheated items directly on the surface of garden table furniture, which will damage the protective paint and protective layer on the surface. Do not put sharp or dry articles at the bottom directly on the surface of garden table furniture, let alone organic solvent directly on the table top of garden table furniture.

Garden Furniture Maintenance Extends The Life Of Your Outdoor Furniture

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With the demand of the furniture market for gardens and gardens, there are many kinds of outdoor furniture on the market. Choosing a batch of outdoor furniture can not only beautify the outstanding style of the environment, but also make people more comfortable to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden. The influence of outdoor furniture on garden style design is beyond doubt. It can add to the icing on the cake or break the overall design. Therefore, many conditional friends will customize a set of furniture according to themselves to ensure the same style.

After spending so much money, we should know how to care carefully. Ordinary outdoor garden furniture should be moisture-proof and moisture-proof, more solid and not easily damaged. Wood, rattan, etc. are made of steel or aluminum frames, which are big choices. This kind of finished products generally have a long service life, and proper maintenance can prolong the service life of furniture.


Maintenance of wooden and rattan outdoor furniture:

Ordinary bamboo and rattan products are dried and antiseptic in the production process. They are made from natural, green and environmental protection materials, and have natural color, which is very suitable for garden use.

The disadvantage of wooden outdoor furniture is that it will be affected by the weather for a long time, and the high temperature will make the furniture easy to crack, so it is best to use this kind of furniture in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid direct sunlight.

The humid climate will make the furniture mildew and breed bacteria, which needs to be cleaned regularly. Therefore, proper care is necessary. When cleaning, clean it with water or salt water, and apply a layer of varnish to protect it after drying.


Maintenance of iron, steel and metal garden furniture:

Nowadays, more and more people like to choose metal furniture products. Furniture made of iron, steel and aluminum products has become the mainstream of furniture selection. Because of its characteristics, it can create a variety of unique style furniture, bright color, fashionable style, strong metal texture and modern sense, which is more adaptable to the trend. Compared with traditional furniture, it is light and durable, and it is convenient to take care of without worrying about mildew and other problems. But even though it has so many advantages, it still has its disadvantages.

1. It is easy to rust. Especially in wet weather in summer, when the humidity is high, the steel will rust and fall off;

2. It is easy to be corroded by acid and alkali liquid. Due to its nature, it is easy to cause chemical reaction, so pay attention to avoid leakage of chemical liquid to avoid injury;

3. Avoid damaging the shape. The main reason why steel products are popular because of their changeable shapes is that their materials are easy to design and manufacture. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the damage to furniture caused by daily bumps. This kind of furniture also focuses on dry and ventilated environment, and avoiding the sun will prolong the service life of the product.

4 Cases Of Garden, There Is Always One You Will Like!

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Have you ever sat quietly in your own garden – just sitting quietly, or meditating, or looking around the fields, enjoying the boundless scenery of the garden? I’m not really looking at anything, but I can’t help thinking about what I can do for the garden next. I ask myself silently: “What if I plant a tree here?” or “” If I remove these paved boards, what should I replace them? “To some extent, it doesn’t really matter whether you are conscious of your action, because what you have been thinking, thinking and doing is to improve the outdoor space and let this land belong to you get the visual effect you want.

The process of creating a garden will change according to different styles, fashions, talents, skills, talents, wealth, travel, experiments and history, but all these are refined and summarized, and still return to the original source of demand. In essence, it is all about how a person controls all his or her surroundings to a certain extent.

The following editor has selected four cases of courtyard gardens for your reference. I hope you can get new inspiration from them and contribute to your garden.


1. The flower garden of a Russian female teacher



2. The garden of an American garden architect


3. Mediterranean style garden of a Polish living in Japan


4. The garden of an amateur photographer

Three Common Types Of Outdoor Furniture

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In recent years, outdoor furniture products have gradually come to consumers’ eyes. How do you choose outdoor furniture suitable for your own use? If you want to buy suitable outdoor furniture, you must first understand the type of outdoor furniture. Let’s follow CDG furniture to understand the three common types of outdoor furniture!


The first category is fixed outdoor furniture
It is mainly outdoor furniture that is mainly fixed, wind-resistant and rain-resistant, such as outdoor arbor swing, outdoor sunshade, outdoor sunshade umbrella, etc. placed in the garden or yard, outdoor work site. Generally speaking, this kind of furniture should have good corrosion resistance, easy to clean and handle, and relatively heavy weight. It is outdoor furniture that has been placed outdoors for a long time without storage.


The second category is mobile outdoor furniture
Such as rattan, aluminum alloy, cast aluminum and other outdoor furniture. Generally, this kind of furniture should be made of high-quality aluminum, which has good corrosion resistance, light weight and is easy to move and stack. When you use it, you can put it outdoors, and when you don’t use it, you can put it in the room, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practical.


The third category is portable outdoor furniture
Modern people are more and more fond of outdoor camping. They will carry some rattan outdoor furniture that is convenient for mobile use, such as outdoor small tables, dining chairs, etc. This kind of outdoor furniture is generally light and portable, which is very suitable for outdoor tourism. Some people like to enjoy food outdoors, such as barbecue, and outdoor equipment, such as barbecue rack, are relatively small and convenient outdoor furniture, which can add a lot of fun to outdoor travel.

The above three types of outdoor furniture are introduced. I hope they can help you. If you want to know more about outdoor furniture, please call CDG Furniture.

Business Strategy Of Coffee Shop

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Business Strategy Of Coffee Shop

1. Increase consumption with matching plan
First, you can set up a pair of packages to increase consumption. Due to the wide variety of coffee shop products, it is not easy to rely on a single product to support a store, so the sales of a single product cannot improve the performance. We can attract more customers by combining snacks and light meals.

2. Keep the freshness of raw materials
Secondly, it can keep the freshness of raw materials. In principle, when purchasing raw materials or peripheral products, we should use them up in a short time, but when selling, we should ask customers about the possible use date, and should not sell any expired products to customers, so as to improve customers’ trust in products and coffee shops.


3. Products should be updated in time to improve service quality
Also, products should be updated in time to improve service quality. In addition, the franchisee should have a fairly professional understanding of the product itself, and the content of staff education and training should include the basic knowledge of product and brewing skills, the operation process of store management, implementation practice, staff statement filling and basic etiquette, which can help improve the popularity of your store.

4. Creating an interactive environment
Don’t let your coffee shop be just a coffee shop. To make it a good place for the host and guests to communicate and interact, the host can create an atmosphere of art and culture exhibition hall through specially designed music and lighting, combined with fixed theme art exhibitions or regular concerts, reading conferences, concerts and exhibitions, which can not only win the favor of many guests, but also enable modern people who often bear heavy pressure to obtain spiritual relief. We believe that many customers will also be attracted by the comfortable atmosphere you create, and then become regular customers who often come here for consumption and communication.

Team Building Of Restaurant Staff

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The most important decisive factors for the success of a restaurant are the quality of food and the team building of employees, especially the team spirit of restaurant employees, which determines what kind of dining experience a restaurant can provide customers. The following professional manufacturer of restaurant furniture, CDG Furniture, will explain to you the key issues of team building of restaurant employees.

1. First is the recruitment and training of waiters and kitchen staff.
Recruit front office and back kitchen staff as planned, and all staff will carry out brain washing project to instill the enterprise’s philosophy and management direction in the early stage, so that all people can subconsciously understand the current situation. Be prepared to move customers and employees, form an invisible centripetal force, and pull each partner’s heart together.

2. The positive attitude of the head of the restaurant.
The head of the restaurant should grasp the heart of each employee. In management, only by grasping the heart and understanding what others want can he effectively implement management, adjust the team building, and arrange each post according to the budget business situation.


3. Job division and responsibility establishment.
Formulate clear posts, determine personnel, clarify job responsibilities, let everyone know their responsibilities, make clear goals, and let them make their own short-term work plans first, so as to know them well.

4. Training on restaurant related matters.
The basic information of the restaurant, business direction, per capita consumption level, surrounding markets, flow of people, and expected goals. The advantages of the restaurant in the same period and other training are in place to let employees know what they are going to do; Training basic service essentials and standards. Grasp service skills and apply them to practical work flexibly; Train other touching service projects, so that everyone can develop a good working habit, bring customers closer, make friends with customers, do a good job in touching service, innovate service, and become a new highlight of service.


5. Develop incentive learning system.
Attach importance to the education and training of employees, so that employees can always feel the joy of success, as long as efforts are made, there will be affirmation.

6. Innovative service concept.
We should lay a solid foundation for service until we are satisfied with the service. We should be strict with ourselves, strengthen the sense of responsibility, cultivate the sense of ownership of each employee, and constantly innovate the service concept of the restaurant.

Slow Pace, Enjoy Life – Garden Home

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With the gradual implementation of garden home life, it brings a new experience of outdoor life; In a word, the enthusiasm of consumers has driven the vigorous development and broad market prospects of garden furniture. So what are the garden style furniture? What are the advantages?


First, leisure and entertainment
This kind of garden furniture is commonly encountered in our daily life. It is mainly used in the outdoor decoration of large gardens and high-end residential areas. When it plays the role of landscape decoration, it can also give people the role of leisure and entertainment, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Even though the resource utilization has been maximized, it can also save money, which is the most popular choice of many developers. Because garden furniture can contribute a rare power to environmental protection and green life.

Second, high-end consumer
With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the decoration level of various bars, clubs, Internet cafes and other high-end consumer entertainment places has risen to a very high level. In order to attract more consumers, the operators of these high-end consumer entertainment places began to choose some quiet and beautiful garden furniture as decorations. We have to admit that these personalized and pastoral furniture have brought unexpected effects to their business.


Third, practical at home
Dress up your warm and happy nest as a beautiful countryside, as if you are in a sea of flowers every day: listening to insects and smelling the fragrance of flowers… Of course, the most suitable home furniture at this time is garden furniture, which is economical, practical, green, natural, healthy and environmentally friendly. This kind of rural style decoration has become a fashion trend and a favorite choice for many young people.

IV. Decorative
Our life needs too many vases to decorate our world, so that our world is full of colorful colors. Such garden furniture plays a role of embellishment and decoration completely, and has no practical use value. As this kind of furniture has a certain limit on the scope of use, its development is also subject to certain constraints, and the sales volume is not optimistic, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of furniture manufacturers for processing and making garden furniture.


V. Commercial profit-making
In many high-end restaurants, especially some western restaurants, garden furniture will be used as the table and chair for daily dining in the restaurant, and these garden style furniture will be rendered as a profit tool with commercial value. Garden furniture can bring rich economic income and profits to these business places when it brings pleasure to the eyes, and has become the first choice of many restaurant operators.

CDG explains the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture?

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Characteristics of rattan furniture
Natural, simple and leisurely. Rattan furniture is purely handmade, and the original processing procedure of rattan materials is quite complicated, which needs to be processed through cooking, drying, bleaching, mildew prevention, disinfection and sterilization. After strict processing, rattan has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong permeability, natural texture, fresh feel, comfort and uniqueness, and conforms to human mechanics and engineering.


Advantages of rattan furniture

1. Pure handwork is more environmentally friendly
Environment friendly, healthy and practical. Rattan furniture is purely handmade, with no industrial processing products. Handmade, made of pure natural materials and based on the concept of green and environmental protection, it is popular with the public. The products are made by hand and will not cause industrial pollution. They are very good.

2. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer.
Rattan furniture has good air permeability and won’t be stuffy. The thermal conductivity of rattan furniture is very poor, so you won’t feel stuffy when sitting on it. Even if you don’t turn on the air conditioner in summer, you won’t feel stuffy, and it has good air permeability and cool hand feel. In summer, you can use more rattan furniture in your bedroom, which will help you avoid summer heat.


3. Beautiful appearance
Pure handmade products with exquisite workmanship. Vine weaving products are traditional handicrafts handed down by our older generation, and are treasures of our Chinese culture. They are exquisite, smooth in line, unique in art, and can be used as artworks for decoration, integrating practicality and appreciation.

4. Durable
Rattan furniture is solid and dense, not easy to be damaged. After a long period of processing, such as steaming, drying and bleaching, the rattan furniture has become very tough. Even if you squeeze it, the rattan furniture will rebound. Very durable.


Disadvantages of rattan furniture

1. Simple design
It is difficult to make complex patterns of rattan furniture handmade products. The furniture of rattan products are all handmade. After all, the transformation ability of one hand is limited, so its shape will be relatively simple.

2. Cleaning is troublesome
There are many places where rattan furniture hides ashes, so it needs to be taken care of frequently. The surface of rattan furniture is more textured, and it often hides dust. It needs to be cleaned with a wet rag.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture that CDG furniture shares for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about furniture products, please continue to pay attention to CDG furniture.

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