What We Like and Dislike In Cafes

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Euro is known for its cafe culture so it’s hardly surprising that there’s some tough competition out there, and making your mark as a cafe owner can be a daunting task. We think one of the best ways to create a great cafe is by taking a look at what attracts you to a cafe in the first place and what puts you off going again. With this in mind, you can identify the areas of your cafe where you can hopefully do better than others around you. Here are a few things which spring to mind when we’re deciding which cafe to visit. Hope it helps.

Comfortable chairs
Now you might not feel the same way about cafe furniture as I do, but for me it has to look nice and, more importantly feel comfortable. I do not like rickety chairs, chairs with stained upholstery, chairs that are too saggy, or chairs that are bold upright. Instead I prefer chairs to be of a good quality and well constucted with clean seats/covers. If I’m comfortable and the coffee is good, then I am more than likely to order another together with a sandwich or croissant, yes please ?

Stable tables
Why is it always me that gets the wobbly table? Perhaps all of the tables are made this way? A wobbly table causes spills and this REALLY niggles. I prefer cafe tables to be clean and to have all 4 legs on the floor not propped up with folded pieces of cardboard.

So that’s what I like and dislike in cafes which may have helped point you in the right direction. The key to appealing to customers is to put something of yourself into it to give it character and show what you’re all about.

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Feeling La Vie Francaise

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Knowing that tasting French food is not arty, it is a business person’s social skills that embody a person’s social qualities and allow you to win more business opportunities.

Food is not an object on the table, but a person’s life. In Paris, he describes a person as comfortable and can say être dans son assiette (in his own plate); in New York, describing a person as rich, he would say “He went to Jean Georges for dinner”. Similarly, we can walk into the restaurant, approach the table, and live in a gourmet in“France” style.

In the eyes of fashionistas, France is synonymous with fashion. In fact, France is still a big country in agriculture and the third largest exporter of agricultural products in the world. Occupy 54% of the country’s land area is not a luxury flagship store, but farming and animal husbandry. In the famous 11 wine regions, there are nearly 80,000 wine estates with a history of several centuries, and even 400 kinds of cheeses. Of course, the French are equally fashionable in terms of eating, and even they eat, they can be extravagant, stimulating, and yet serious.

In recent years, Parisians have added a new word: fooding, which is food+feeling. In fact, it is a new word summarizing the tradition: food, talk about feelings, heavy feelings. In other words, in addition to the color, flavor and nutrition of the food, it also pays attention to the restaurant’s nvironment, the art and taste of the dishes.

There are roughly four different categories of French cuisine: Café, Bistrot, La Brasserie, Gastronomique. The restaurant has its own flavor, the only thing that is the same is “fine dinner.” Want to eat dinner at Samsung restaurant, it is best to book one or two months in advance, temporary reservation, may only be able to eat lunch.

The cafe has always been the poet’s writing room, the artist’s living room, and the wisdom of the school, soaking in the city’s humanistic qualities. Coupled with a few sets of CDG Cafe Sets, only sitting there drinking coffee, CDG metal furniture bring you enter the French atmosphere.

Colourful Outdoor Leisure Double Chair

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The waterproof and sun- proof outdoor doubleseat is such a sweet and functional leisure chair that is ideal for use in the outdoor . This leisure chair is crafted entirely from aluminium so it shall never rust, and is a stylish outdoor chair suitable for use in garden or in the park.

This aluminium 2 seat leisure chair is hand crafted, and features colourful style paint finish. This French industrial leisure chair would suit almost any style of place.

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CDG Popular Bar Stools

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Who doesn’t love bar stools? I know I do – in fact it’s my preferred choice of seat whenever I visit a bar or cafe. Bar stools don’t just look great; they have lots of benefits such as taking up less space than chairs and being available in a variety of heights, making them one of the most versatile items of furniture that you’ll find. Not to mention the fact that bar stools encourage interaction both with the barista and other customers. That said we’ve put together a short list of our favourite bar stools which we hope you’ll love as much as we do.


Detroit adjustable bar stool
With its compact style and its solid construction of metal and wood, this great little stool is a real winner. Taking its inspiration from the original Turner stool, we love its vintage appeal and the fact that it looks almost as if its been constructed from oddments found at your local scrap yard. Factor in the adjustable seat which lowers or raises with a simple twist, and you’ve got a stool that literally fits everyone.


Hairpin bar stool
We had to include this stool simply because of its hair pin legs, which we just adore. Hair pin legs were first introduced to furniture some 70 years ago by a young American designer named Henry P. Glass who was commissioned to create a collection of outdoor furniture together with established American industrial designer, Russell Wright. The result was a stunning new line of tables and chairs with the hair pin leg design adding a unique quirkiness. Strangely, the hair pin leg design was never patented and as a result was used by many other designers. this stool is perfect for adding a splash of colour to a neutral palette.

At CDG Furniturewe, we have an mix of stools in a variety of heights, materials, and colours, so you’re sure to find one for your bar,  restaurant,  coffee shop.

Choose The Right Furniture For Your Pubs

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Choosing the right furniture for your pub seems straightforward, but getting it wrong can take your business from success to failure in short shrift.
Following these 5 simple tips won’t guarantee success, but they will help you create a space that works for your business and that your customers love.

Fit the Theme
Every pub needs its own theme. Whether it’s your local relaxed pub or swanky downtown place to be, it’s important that the chosen theme permeates throughout the establishment. If you own a pubing for the urban grunge look, either recycle old furniture or give new models a treatment for a more weathered look. If your customers are expecting quality and are paying for a higher level of service, opt for more expensive wooden chairs rather than plastic.


Bar Stools
Having a restaurant can give your pub a lot of options. For example, if a group doesn’t have a reservation but is willing to wait 20 minutes, you not only get a full table you weren’t expecting but they’ll also have a few drinks while waiting! Bars are often in high traffic areas, so remember to think about the weight of each unit.

Style vs. Practicality
Those gorgeous large chairs and tables may look the part, but will they help you maximise the number of people you can serve? While you don’t want to squeeze your customers into small spaces, so try and find a balance.

Furniture that Offers Flexibility
Also ensure that your furniture can be easily moved around for larger or smaller parties. You should easily be able to serve both couples looking for a romantic evening and larger parties by simply moving things around a little bit!


Making Space for More Customers
Many pubs leave money on the table by not having enough tables and chairs for occasions that are particularly busy. Think national holidays, celebrations, or random large groups that require additional room. To ensure you don’t miss out on such events, think about having expandable or foldable tables and chairs for a quick and dirty restaurant expansion.

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10 Elements About Industrial Style furniture

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Industrial Style have been become polular in the world, especially favorite by younth.
This style exudes a gruff, mysterious quality that many people will fall in love with it.

1. Black, White and Grey classic colors flavor;
Black, white and Grey colors are the perfect colors for insustrial style.
Black color mysterious and cold; white color elegant and light. When they mix, creating layers of change.
Use these three colors for home, restaurant or coffee shop, can make the environment more industrial.


2. Brick walls instead of monotone painting wall;
Brick wall pait with blak, white or Grey color, can bring one old but morden style visual effects,
it is good match with rugged industrial style.

3. Raw concrete walls;

4. A bare pipeline;


5. Metal furniutre;
CDG is one metal furniture manufacturer, strong at industrial and Vintage style furniture, which are very good for industsrial style home or restaurant.


6.Matching with wooden;
CDG’s chair , always matching Plywood or solid woodn seat and backrest;
Bar stool aways wich solid wooden seat.

7. Using leather as ornament ;

8. Ametal skeleton, double joint lamp and bulb;

9. Water pipe style Furniture

10. Old, but not out fashion of the old industry.

A Beautiful Bar Set On Your Balcony

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When you are at home, you always feel something set need in the house. You may put a set of things on the balcony, you can put a set of things near the kitchen door, you can also put a set of things next to the sofa, that is, most people want a bar set .

My house just need a set of bar set. If the bar set on the balcony, when wake up every morning, listening to birds crisp squeaking, beautiful bloom at the balcony of the roses, drink a pot of hot Green Tea, that is a wonderful thing.

How happy it is if a friend visits the bar stool at the door of the kitchen and puts a few cups of red wine and cake.

If there is a bar set next to the sofa, after dinner, sitting on a stool and reading the book about plants, it is a matter of art.

A set of square bar table and bar chairs, with 2pcs of nordic style bar chairs, seating height of H75cm just right, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor. Even if it is on the balcony, when it is rainy days, it will be durable though you forget to move back to the room.

An Uncommon Coffee Shop

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This house is not a regular coffee shop. It contains old and new, classic and contemporary, and feminine masculine. In this home, we can find a frame to create a mixed modern and traditional style of compromise. We have found some furniture, and the warm atmosphere here and there, including our cross table, please scroll down to see more charming streets.

We fork back chairs in the dining room, is often the center of attention, perfect coordination and clear cross back armchair. In order to keep the plain house looking alive, the boss added a small decoration to the whole house.

These accessories match the chairs to make the cafes bigger, just because they take up less visual space.

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A Useful Hint To The Owner Of A Bar And A Restaurant

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How many times a day do you see blog articles popping up in social media titled “the most embarrassing food (time years)”? Once you have aroused your curiosity, you will click on these articles to see a list of food and restaurant trends over the past year. It is clear that these articles can be entertained.

To be sure, there have been many changes in the restaurant industry from the beginning to the present, some of which are better than others. “New” trends are difficult to be implemented in the restaurant industry, and many ideas will take years to improve and verify. But as a consultant in the restaurant, it is necessary to look back on the history of the restaurant and see what it will be in the future.


The 1950s was the golden age of the development of American restaurants.  After the great depression and war, the economy was slowly awakening, and in this period it made the rest of the industry simpler. Because of the improvement of the national highway system, the demand for parking along the interstate road has increased. As more and more passengers are on the road, franchised restaurants are becoming more necessary.

Many of these franchised restaurants are still very popular today. In 1954, the McDonald’s restaurant we knew today was bought from the original McDonald brothers and transformed from Ray Crocker into a franchise. McDonald’s is not the first fast food store, but the wiring system is revolutionary to fast food restaurants. McDonald’s franchise model has become a successful beacon for other restaurants, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and cow queen to adapt to the development of the highway system.

With the improvement of the highway system, the automobile industry has made progress. 1950s is full of car culture, so why is there a difference in restaurants? In 1921, the first drive was opened along the Dallas – Fort Worth freeway and the real heyday of driving in 1950s. It provides hamburgers and milkshakes, and sometimes skates, which become social gatherings for teenagers and families. The trend continued until 1960s, and then began to decline with the promotion and the increase in the number of restaurants.


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The Design Concept Of Cdg Furniture: Simple And Perpetual

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CDG furniture provides the most outstanding design – led modern furniture and accessories, with the influence of Scandinavia. Our goal is to look for a design that expresses strong, eternal and simple aesthetics: transcend the snippets that deliver fashion and will be with you in the long run.

Everyone in our company has a strong sense of design. Using our knowledge, we carefully plan the scope of our products and choose the pure advantages of our project. This is the best project, an innovative approach, a real primitive. These are the types of quality we are looking for when we choose our products. We believe that we have created a simple and enjoyable shopping experience through the most outstanding works showing only the leading contemporary design brands.

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