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Wire Chair from CDG Furniture

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From rattan chair design inspiration, with the pursuit of beauty and the arts extension, Italy Harry Bertoia achieved spallation of Wicker Chair to Wire Chair. With the soft of rattan furniture and steel robust, wire chair gloriously completed the mission of benefitting all the people of the world.


Wire chair with smooth lines, simple and elegant colors, exquisite sophisticated technology, all of which show the meaning and temperament! Such furniture ever to create a peaceful, non-binding nature and harmonious atmosphere!

Especially with the upgrade to improve people’s living standards and taste, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, practical, simple structure, modern, stylish, durable wire chair, has also been increasingly welcomed by the market. From cafes, restaurants, hotel, the upscale clubs, high-end office buildings, but also for the family, villas, as the pursuit of comfortable and stylish choice for modern life.


CDG furniture as one with 10 years of industry experience, and professional metal furniture manufacturer, product line certainly will not lack in wire chair range.

Xavier Pauchard And French Tolix Chair

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Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948) was a pioneer of galvanisation in France. It was in 1927 that he registered the trademark TOLIX, at the same time converting to the ?production of chairs, armchairs, stools and metal furnitures.


The different models (rustproof, robust and stackable) conceived by Xavier Pauchard found their place directly inside factories, offices and hospitals, as well as outside, on cafe terraces and in public parks.


Distressed french tolix chair  manufactured  by CDG furniture.

Original Tolix stool designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934.

Galvanised steel, so suitable for outdoor use. 

Stripped and polished with a distressed finish. 

An indestructible, mid-century classic.

Tolix Range industrial furniture in Vintage finish

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Tolix is one classical dining chair, always in solid color finish or Industrial style: galvanize or gunmetal finish. Since year 2013, CDG start to make tolix in Vintage this finish.

And now tolix chair in vintage finish become popular trend. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Even home or restaurant is fine.


CDG sold a lot vintage style tolix to European, USA, South Africa, Mid east, Australia and local market.Our vintage style tolix chairs are all powder coated in a quality UV stabilised paint which helps prevent fading when in direct sunlight etc.

The Classical from CDG Furniture

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As furniture people, everyone can clearly feel the furniture and household industry in China in recent years, the martyr and cold cruel market industry trend that many practitioners blindly, confusion, negative emotions. As if overnight “cash cow” is no longer as easy to blossom, for an instant as if “the world is full of complaints and abuse.


Furniture and home the big change of the industry, in the majority of people is a latent disadvantage of emerging industries, actually otherwise. On the contrary, it proves that Chinese furniture and household industry from adolescence to maturity. Maybe some people still remember many years ago, people like young people crazy, high hard and earn a good income, but it is foolish. At present, although the market environment is bad, people aren’t so easy to earn money, but is now a mature period. As adults, we all understand a truth: “consists of continuous setbacks, wait, thinking and experience of”. So as a furniture and household industry, you should cherish the present, because the present can give you a limitless possibilities.  


In an age of furniture and household industry infighting, good weapon is not only a good product, more in need of a good model. CDG company is committed to the innovative furniture style restoring ancient ways, the following two classic furniture to introduce our company.

  1. ToliX Metal chairs (any place, have a bar ToliX)

Classic French Tolix metal chair, a tasty with attitude chair, founded in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard design, in fact, it is early for outdoor furniture design, after being spoiled by fashion designers all over the world, it is smooth from outdoor extension to the household, commercial, display, and other purposes. But this chair is a career-best are well in all kinds of space, outdoor material will match the American village, smooth outline model is very suitable for northern Europe contracted, languid is lazy temperament is typical French style restoring ancient ways, clear conscience fashion one hundred take the chair.

  1. Cross Back Chair (European and American style restaurant chair)

1) Steel chairs, more durable than wooden and plastic ones.

2) Antique look and industrial style, can be used indoor and outdoor:Restaurant, Dining Room,Living Room, Patio, etc., also some commercial use like Hotel, Club, Bar, etc..

3) Variety of colors/finishes for different decorative style, can be customized.

CDG Makes Changes to OutdoorFurniture

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CDG is investing in bold initiatives for outdoor used Metal Furniture.

Lisa Liang, general manager of CDG, will now lead all staffs efforts for this new trend.

Compared to traditional outdoor furniture, metal outdoor furniture has its advantages: delicate, simple and light, easy to remove, colorful coating for different decoration styles.

“Our many customers they do wicker outdoor furniture business, now bring in our metal ones enlarge their product range, selling very well now, this is a good change against higher and higher labour cost, like wicker furniture need to be weaved by hand.” said Lisa Liang, GM of CDG.

CDG Furniture is pleased to stand by the practicability and durability of their Chinese-made products.

Metal Furniture for Outdoor

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Summer may have come to an end, but your time outside doesn’t have to! Autumn is the perfect season to put your outdoor room to use and enjoy the cooler weather.

Metal Vintage Finish outdoor funiture not only will your outdoor room look beautiful next to your home, but will give you more time this fall to spend outside, with your family and friends.

In the outdoor yard heaters placed next to the warm colors of antique furniture, matched with beautiful music, making it more suitable to sit down, relax and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and scenery.

Antique metal furniture not only increased the decorative elements of your outdoor yard, outdoor patio is also added a layer of retro warmth。

Looking To Buy Cafe Furniture? Metal Is A Great Option

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If you’re looking to buy new cafe furniture then one of the first decisions you need to make is what material do you want it to be made from. Cafe furniture is made in a wide range of materials with the most popular being wood, plastic, and metal. We’ve seen a huge surge of interest in the latter especially with the popularity of the industrial look which many cafes throughout Australia are embracing. Metal does have several advantages so let’s take a look at them.

Wide variety
One of the main benefits of purchasing metal cafe chairs, in particular, is the range of styles and colours that are available. Tolix is one of the best known brands of cafe furniture but it is expensive. However if you want the designer look at a fraction of the price, then we offer a wide range of replica Tolix chairs and bar stools with an assortment of colours, styles, and finishes, so there’s sure to be something to take your fancy. Metal also looks great paired with wood as it softens what can otherwise be quite a stark piece of furniture. Take our Cross Back Bentwood metal chair or our Helen stools with their timber seats, and you’ll see what we mean.

Budget friendly.
Metal restaurant furniture also comes at prices which won’t break the bank and includes tables, bases, chairs, and bar stools. Our small replica Tolix stools start at just $45 and our Tolix 600 square table is only $110. Our steel cabaret chairs are excellent for adding a splash of colour and only cost $69.30 which is excellent value for money, and what’s more they’re also AFRDI certified which means that they’ve passed vigorous tests for strength and durability.

Even though metal furniture is relatively inexpensive it has the added advantage of being extremely durable, and commercial metal furniture will give you many years of use. Types of metal used for cafe furniture includes powder brushed steel, aluminium, cast aluminium, stainless steel and chrome. Welded joints are typically used on metal cafe furniture and this makes them even stronger as they hold together far better than those which are bolted together. Often the finish on metal chairs lasts longer than for wooden furniture.

A lot of metal cafe furniture is designed to be lightweight but durable. It’s done for a purpose and that’s so it can be moved around with ease to accommodate different sized groups of customers if, for example, two or three tables need to be pushed together to make one large table. Often metal furniture is stackable, which again is a bonus if storage space is limited.

A lot of metal cafe furniture is designed for inside and outside use. Stainless steel restaurant tables for example, can be used inside or out. Several restaurants use sliding doors or canopies which can be open or shut to create indoor/outdoor spaces, and metal furniture is ideal for these situations, since it can withstand the harsh outdoor elements and still maintain its durability.

Here at CDG Furniture we have an extensive range of commercial grade metal cafe furniture so why not take a look. You can purchase online or view it first hand at our showroom in Wetherill Park. If you need any more information about any of our products then please give us a call on 0481 133 321 or drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Prospects of Metal Furniture

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In the situation of global economic malaise and furniture industry develop slowly, metal furniture with irresistible strenth and charm gets market recognition and favor. Although now metal furniture market share is not big, but there is high rate and vast space for development.

With the improvement of people’s living, more and more people pursue excellence, emphasizing individuality, the next few years, metal furniture with a fresh, green, simple lines will highlight its especially one of the commercial mainstream furniture.

Wire chair by simple lines leading the trend of metal furniture industry, this year’s show in Milan, Italy, the metal wire chairs takes much bigger part than former years. It will grow rapidly and will increase it’s share in furniture field.

From the finish of metal furniture to view, commen powder coating and vintage finish craft different characteristics. Especially vintage finish, it seems have set off a wave of nostalgia, rolled up in Europe and Australia, even all over the world.

In conclusion the author is very optimistic about prospects for the development of metal furniture. CDG the metal furniture specialist, with it’s strong quality backing and attractive designs has been gotten market recognition and customers’appreciated ……

A Vintage Garden

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Retro goes well throughout the house.

So why not outside ?

The garden is now home to pieces

Evoke a past full of charm.

With all the visual codes of those decades (shapes and colours).

Products in the spirit of days gone by developed with the technology of today.

For a classic setting this season, choose charming accents for your home and garden from this curated collection.

Discover traditional stone statues, rustic herb boxes, tin watering cans and ornately carved wooden candle holders, which are sure to add intrigue inside and out.

In my part of Europe a new type of garden is coming up; a Vintage garden! It is a variant besides the type of garden that can be called Shabby Chic garden. A vintage garden can be created in many different ways and also have much in common with shabby chic. But a real vintage garden should only be based on re-use and also on quality, and not so much on consummation.

A vintage garden isn’t supposed to be perfect or even so well organized. It should instead be a garden where people can socialize and relax. The vintage style is a garden that shows creativity, personality and harmony. There should be no room for stress or “must do”.

A vintage garden is the opposite of the modern way of living with consumption and throwing away used stuff. It is about preserving the old and beautiful and also a way of creating another way of life.

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