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What to look for in a bar table

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The good thing about bar tables is that they aren’t solely just for bars. They make a great seating arrangement in cafe’s, bistros, and even restaurants.CDG furniture is a bar table factory. So if you really want to mix and match your seating up a little, just how do you choose the perfect bar table for your needs?


Ideally each one of these should hold the same amount of weight and therefore should be considered equally. A well thought out space for example will give you maximum return on your seating, but it’s no good if your bar seating doesn’t fit into a theme that you have or worse still, simply isn’t practical for your needs.CDG furniture is a bar table manufacturers.

Bar table types


There are so many bar tables to choose from and made from a variety of materials. For an uber-modern contemporary look how about choosing glass. Even though it might seem sleek and modern and fit in well with a theme you’re trying to create there might well be practical considerations you may also need to look at before you splash the cash. Formica table tops are great for a retro look and come in all shapes and sizes, but they might not be practical especially if you want to use them outside as well as indoors. Wood is a timeless classic and has been the bar stool material of choice for many years. It isn’t going to stop the world with it’s design, but it’s not likely to offend anyone either. Do bear in mind however that it can be heavy to move around and mightn’t be weatherproof either. Finally how about Polypropylene? Yes the humble plastic table has been elevated in the last few years and now comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. They can cost less that their glass, wood, or metal equivalents but are they as hard wearing as a metal table would be?

Does shape really matter?


The importance of choosing the right shaped bar table can never be over-estimated. Square bar tables for example offer the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of space because they sit flush into a corner for that degree of intimacy. However for areas where you have a multitude of nooks and crannies then a round table might fit the bill better. Generally speaking however, round tables do make passing space easier and as a result you’ll probably find that you can fit more more of them in. For best results successful cafes tend to mix and match the two giving the owner the ultimate balance between customer comfort and cost-effective seating arrangements.

Creative restaurant case sharing-Sydney sushi shop design

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Sydney Sushizilla sushi restaurant interior design by the famous Vie Studio design studio meticulously completed, not into the restaurant, will be attracted to the wall colored box to Tetris-inspired design is very unique, red, yellow, blue and green four-color Throughout the space, it’s a very interesting restaurant.CDG furniture is a creative restaurant furniture factory.

Restaurant interior mosaic patterns and bright dining chair is very jumping, some compartment was made into the train compartment seat scene, hand-painted cartoon on the wall from SioriKitajima. Have to say there are dyed waste milk box, after the arrangement of design, full of creativity.CDG furniture is a creative restaurant furniture manufacturers.


Nordic Loft Residential Design

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The Perfect combination of industrial and Nodic style.


What kind of spark will be when the industrial style combine the Nordic style? Designer Denis Krasikov uses furniture and simple compartments, with a white wall to bring a quiet beauty. Nordic industrial loft, adding a little embellishment, will be able to show personality and vitality.CDG furniture is an industrial and nodic style furniture suppliers.

Without modification of the high ceiling and cultural stone building materials to combine, the Nordic style totally natural. Designers masterly in furniture, furnishings on the use of color embellishment space. The whole open space, just use a wall to divide space, this design is very suitable for single life of the owner.


Lively kitchen although stunning, but too fancy will bring visual fatigue. The white kitchen is simple and clean, with different decorative combination can show personality, enhance taste, shape light cooking attitude. The dining area is arranged in the living room, separated by a wall, and the lemon-yellow seats bring vitality to the space. CDG furniture is an industrial and nodic style furniture manufacturers.

The work area as an indispensable place of home, more should be taken seriously. The use of the corner of the windowsill to create a work area, so you in a relaxed atmosphere more into the work and rest.


The whole room gives plenty of space, but the designers still use some small corner to store clothes or daily necessities. Under the bed of the heightened admission, with a simple fabric set up clothing storage space, living room side of the wooden frame can also accommodate some books or decorations.

Along the stairs and on, is the bedroom, with a wooden frame to take out the bed back to nature. No extra modification, but showing a simple perfect, next to the coat rack to visit the owner often wear clothing, smooth lines, people look very comfortable.CDG furniture is an industrial and nodic style furniture factory.


Using the most classic black and white decorative bathroom, not only brings quiet atmosphere, but also bring a sublimation of the spirit. With some log material, retro bathtub, staircase decoration, so that space does not seem cold and monotonous.

Purchasing a bar stool for your cafe, restaurant or bistro

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If you take a common or garden bar stool and look at it purely from a design perspective it is in effect a heightened stool or chair that’s specifically made for using alongside a bar. However if you’ve ever looked into purchasing one, you’ll know that styles are both many and varied. CDG furniture is a bar stool manufacturers.So what should you be considering? Let’s take look…

Fitting in with your styling


Although bar stools come in a wide variety of colours, and materials there are basically just two designs. One that has a backrest and one that doesn’t. So it’s up to you to decide which is best for you and your clientele. The genius and grandfather behind the bar stool is Frenchman Xavier Pauchard and it’s fair to say that the vast majority of bar stools that you see today stem from his original designs. A style such as a galvanised steel bar stool combined with a stainless steel bar and some exposed brickwork and pipework will give your establishment that edgy industrial feel.


While the Original Tolix bar stool is still manufactured today some 80 years after it first graced the cafes of Paris it it might not be a cost-effective choice as they can be quite expensive. Instead there are various websites that offer very good quality replica Tolix bar stools for a fraction of the price of the original. If budget is one of your main concerns then you might want to go down this route instead.

How to buy iron furniture & How to maintain iron furniture

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More and more people like to buy metal furniture in the furniture market, from the iron to the iron lighthouse bedside table, from the iron security door to Iron windows. Iron furniture for placement in the balcony, bedroom, living room and many other space, allowing the home full of romantic and cool atmosphere, by many people’s preference.CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer. But if you do not pay attention to maintenance of iron furniture will be Health and embroidery, how to choose iron furniture? And how to maintain iron furniture?


The first step have to understand the conservation of iron furniture


1.the production of iron furniture: iron furniture, the material is mainly iron, there are also solid wood and other fabrics. Wooden products as the main home space, the use of iron made of coffee table, glass dining table, leisure chairs, flower racks as a bright spot with the furnishings, has become the choice of most families. Iron furniture process: iron furniture, also known as metal furniture, the material after stamping, forging, casting, molding, meandering, welding and other processing technology available to a variety of shapes. With electroplating, spraying, plastic and other secondary processing technology for surface treatment. Then generally use welding, screws, pin connections and other connections to install.


2.the characteristics of iron furniture: iron furniture for display in a modern style of the room. It has anti-aging and with strong two main features.


3.iron furniture technology: the purchase of iron furniture, the general need to check whether the iron components do a good anti-corrosion treatment, or furniture is easy to rust, with particular attention to the junction between the metal material preservative treatment is good, There is no obvious shortcomings.


4.the details of iron furniture: the choice of iron furniture to pay attention to details of some, such as some furniture will have some patterns, such as petals, then we should pay attention to whether the delicate process is not a broken pattern.


5.iron furniture welding: general good iron furniture products, the welding point will not be exposed. Check the quality of iron furniture There can be a hard object percussion furniture, welding parts, if its good quality, the general traces of the coin and the color of the color is basically the same, if the quality is not good, then the general will show the color of rust. Generally good iron furniture products, the welding point will not be exposed. Check the quality of iron furniture furniture can also use a hard object percussion welding parts, if its good quality, the general traces of the coin and the color of the color is basically the same, if the quality is not good, then the general will show the color of rust.

Maintain clean and bright iron furniture maintenance methods


Iron furniture unique style, beautiful shape favored by some consumers, but the iron furniture, irregular shape, special materials, take care of them a little trouble, master the appropriate maintenance skills on the iron furniture has a great advantage.


1.Avoid bump


2.Pay attention to clean dust


3.Away from acid


4.Away from the sun


5.Away from the humid environment

3 Factors Buying Bar Stools For Your Cafe

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A well chosen bar stool can add another dimension to your cafe, bistro, or restaurant. Aside from this they’re a great way of maximising your seating when you have limited floor space. For these reasons bar stools are understandably popular. However, before you go out and splash the cash, here are 3 factors you really need to consider.CDG furniture is a cafe furniture suppliers.


Commercial grade bar stools come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 45cm chair height stools up to 105cm bar height seating, therefore it’s important to ensure that you purchase the right size seating for your needs. In order to attain the most comfortable stool height for people it’s important to have somewhere between 25 and 35cms of height between the top of the stool and the bar. This ensures that when customers sit on the stool they won’t be hitting their knees on the top of the bar/table. Therefore measure the distance from the floor to the table/bar and then subtract 25-35cms, The difference should equate to the size of bar stool you need to buy. Simple when you know how!



Understandably you want to maximise your space/bar area as best as possible but at what point do too many stools become way too close for comfort? Ideally you need to leave around 50-60cms of space in between bar stools. This will leave sufficient space for eating, drinking, and general socialising without the customer feeling overcrowded. In addition it allows sufficient room for customers to get on and off the stools without disturbing or bumping into others. Top tip – If you’re buying bar stools with swivel seating or those with arms, then look to allow 60cms minimum.

Commercial rating

While it’s understandable that most cafe owners looking to refurbish are wanting to do it at the best possible price, it probably isn’t wise to buy a job lot of bar stools from the local flea market, unless of course they’re commercial grade. Commercial grade furniture has been tested and passed fit for use in commercial environments such as busy cafe’s, bars, and restaurants. They’re rigorously tested and are fit for the purpose they’re designed for. On the contrary residential-grade furniture is designed to be used in a home environment only. It doesn’t need to be super strong because it’s likely to only get a fraction of the use. So yes you might be getting yourself a bargain, but if it isn’t commercial grade, then it’s fair to say that it isn’t money well spent.


So there you have it! If you follow these 3 key factors, the you really won’t go far wrong.


Here at CDG we have a great selection of commercial-grade bar stools available for you to browse and buy. So why not log on and take a closer look. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Iron furniture is popular

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At present, the market popular iron furniture has a variety of styles, metal and solid wood, leather, cloth, glass and plastic materials such as different combinations of magic, showing the ever-changing style.CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer.

1.Iron + solid wood: natural combination

Iron texture is cold and cool, solid wood is the most natural and original furniture material, the combination of the two to bring people simple and simple feeling. The combination of oak and beech gives a distant sense of tranquility, such as this iron screen back to the reception area is more cool and relaxed.


2.Iron + Leather: fashion portfolio

Steel and cortical combination of iron furniture to bring the Italian fashion, showing a simple sense of mellow space design, leather texture in the very background, the cold and rational performance of the metal performance most vividly.


3.Iron + Fabric: romantic combination

Carbon content of less than 0.25% of the mild steel has good plasticity and weldability. Through the carbon steel and imported PVC mesh clever combination of transmission of modern fashion temperament, a French romantic home atmosphere.


4.Iron + Glass: Cool combination

Iron, because of its color and more black and bronze, is bound to give a heavy sense, and the simple and transparent glass can be formed with a contrast contrast, so that the summer home life at any time there is a cool cell filling around.

How To Attract More Customers Using Outdoor Seating

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With the temperature hotting up and summer drawing ever closer, the warmer weather is a great time to attract more customers. One way to do this is by making use of your outdoor space. In fact if you offer outside seating, chances are that people will come. That said, you’ll need to put in a bit of leg work first. Here’s what you need to do.CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture manufacturers.

Choose cafe furniture that enhances your venue

At this time of year, those cafe’s lucky enough to have outside space are likely to be vying for competition with other nearby establishments. As your cafe furniture is among the first impressions that passers-by will have of your venue it needs to be right. Whether you choose it to create a wow factor or statement, or whether it’s more of an understated yet elegant choice, getting your cafe furniture right is vital. Here are 3 quick tips.


Make sure it’s comfortable


Make sure it reflects your venue or style


Make sure it is suitable for outdoor use


Do these 3 things and you’re off to a good start.


Promotion, promotion, promotion

Seems basic stuff right? But if you don’t let people know you’ve got outside seating, you’re only going to attract the odd passer-by. Here are a few ideas. Talk about it on your Facebook page or send out an impromptu newsletter to your subscribers. How about promoting on sites like Sydney Weekender, or offer a special ‘patio menu’ for all al-fresco diners. Whatever you decide to do, you’ve got to shout about it.

Make it pet friendly

Dog owners always wrestle with the fact that they can’t take their pets inside a cafe for obvious reasons. Fortunately when you have an outdoor seating area, it’s perfect for dog walkers. If you are situated in a high traffic area and see lots of dog walkers on a regular basis why not try putting out bowls of water and lead ties to signify that your venue is pet friendly.


Make it attractive

Remember your outside cafe space needs to be a reflection of your inside space as it’s the first impression people have of your cafe so it needs to be attractive. Even the busiest and smallest of pavement areas can benefit from some planting or box hedging or a simple sweep to eradicate any stray litter.


If you follow these top tips when offering outdoor dining, then chances are you’ll be ahead of your competition. Here at CDG Furniture we are currently having a sale and offer a wide range of commercial grade cafe furniture. With cost-saving furniture ideas you’d be crazy not to take a look. To find out more contact us in


Dining table chair Purchasing skills

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Today, the increasingly rapid pace of life, everyone is hoping to pleasant to drink coffee, but when it comes to pleasant to drink coffee, coffee tables and chairs to less of it.CDG furniture is a dining table chair factory.It is also the key of the purchase, as long as the master some skills to buy, the purchase will not have to worry about…

1.the purchase of attention to the table and chair material

There are many kinds of tables and chairs at present, the most commonly used materials are wood, marble and glass three. The characteristics of a variety of materials are different, such as solid wood natural beauty, but not easy to clean, easy to clean glass material, but also more easily dirty, must always wipe. So each has its advantages and disadvantages.


2.the purchase of the table and chairs to pay attention to the style of the restaurant

In order to look more harmonious restaurant, dining chairs and other aspects of the shape and color should be unified with the restaurant. This little trick is the color can also be changed by the table cloth, so as to achieve a unified effect.


3.the purchase of the table and dining room size

Generally speaking, the larger the size of the circular dining table, more suitable for use in a large area of the restaurant, and the best to avoid the use of small restaurants. If the restaurant is small if you can use the table, it will make some dining space look bigger.


4.the table chair should not be too heavy

We all know this, because the chair may need to drag to move, if too heavy will be very inconvenient. So it is best to choose a light dining table chair.

Outdoor furniture purchase method

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Today, with landing balcony, open platform, the garden is no longer a new thing. The living space extends outward, is where the natural outdoor furniture. Now there are many types of outdoor furniture on the market, but in the selection of time or to vary from person to person, depending on the environment. CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture manufacturers.For example, young people who love outdoor barbecues, generally used in a table with a sunshade, with an oven is sufficient; middle-aged people most love that can drink tea and chat with the outdoor furniture, there are a lot of people choose folding chairs. In addition, beach chair, hammock and swing are a good choice of outdoor furniture.

1.consider the weather and climate

What’s the weather like in your own place?. How often it rains? Is located in the tropics, hot and damp? Direct sunlight will make the wood furniture cracking, and metal materials in the sun’s temperature will rise, it is not comfortable. If you live where there is often a tropical storm, strong convective weather or on the coast, the instantaneous winds may put aluminum or plastic furniture is very light off.


2.Special focus on material


The most solid iron outdoor furniture. Basically, the surface of the material has been electroplated or oxidized, the mechanical properties of the material itself is relatively strong, and it is not easy to wear, so it is widely used. But has the defects of easy rusting of iron. Need to pay attention to when choosing is anti rust treatment must be in place, and the protective effect of the surface oxide layer of iron furniture up very easy to wear, should be avoided on the surface of the furniture to note when using bump.



3.Don’t forget comfort


Outdoor furniture is generally used to relax the rest, so comfort must be better. Even if some do not use outdoor chair cushion, you can also customize their own, pay attention to the choice of waterproof fabric. Reclining angle must be adjustable to adapt to different family comfort needs.

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