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Smart tips for  Choosing  style and colors for your Restaurant

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Smart tips for  Choosing  style and colors for your Restaurant


  1. Finalize your restaurant style before fixture.

    Consider what style suitable for the food you supply, Industrial Style, Modern Style, Pastoralism Style or Mediterranean style?


  1. According to your fixture style and main color of fixture to assort your furniture, curtain, even table tablecloth and decoration style and colors.

CDG is one metal furnutire factory, which provide industrial Style, Modern Style,Mediterranean style restaurant table and chair.Most of the items can be use for indoor and outdoor.

Help You Choose Right Size Dining Tables and Chairs

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Help You Choose Right Size Dining Tables and Chairs


  1. Height of dining chair

Arm of chairs and chairs could be slide under the dining table easily.

But it have enough space for lap and leg when gueses are sitting on the chairs.

Standard dining tables are 75cm high, Chair’s  seat height normally are 45cm.

There are around 30cm between the seat of the chair and table top.

Keep around 18cm between the chair arm and the bottom of the table.

2.Width of ding chair

Normally dining chairs’ width are 44 to 51cm, if place the dining chairs without any space,

 gueses will bump elbows when the seat on the chair.

So increase around 15cm to each chairs’s width to accommodate the spaces between them.

At the same time, still need to makde sure there is enough space behind the chairs for gueses to slide out easy.

Each guest need to provide 60-77cm at the dining table.

If rectangular tables, add around 30cm extra space at each end for those the seated at head and foot o the table.

Keep at least 90cm between the dining table and any walls or other furniture.

Metal Cross Back Furniture Range

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CDG is one metal furniture factory, we produce full range corss back chair in iron and aluminum material.Cross Back Chair are same as Thonet Chair, which was oringal wooden version.


CDG is the first metal manufacturer to make full range cross back chair in Handmade Vintage finish.


Vintage finish is very classical, will never out of fashion,  already become  a popular trend in the whole world.


Both steel and aluminum range can be use for indoor and outdoor.

CDG’s cross back full range including bellowing items:

  1. Cross Back Arm chair;
  2. Non-stackable Cross back Side Chair;
  3. Stackable Cross back Side chair;
  4. Big version stackable Cross back Side chair;
  5. Mid high and high bar chair
  6. Cross Leg Dining Table in two size.


The are suitable for Home, Garden, Restaurant or Bar use.Any more info you need, or interesting item, pls. visit

A bar with both appeal and practicality

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As people’s pursuit of spiritual life, more and more families love both a style and design practical bar at home, whether you want to have two of the world, or guests, will bring a wonderful visual feast. So, what’s the bar chair that plays an important role in the bar? Today, CDG furniture for everyone to bring a good product, with a look.


The bar chairs made of metal are not as tall and cold and rigid as we imagine. Look at the family bar chairs. The fashionable and beautiful appearance definitely attracts everyone’s attention. Calm atmosphere color collocation tall tripod, give a person a fresh and refreshing feeling. Placing such a bar chair in the kitchen will make you fall for it. This bar chair has different colors to choose from. Oh, you can choose your favorite color according to your preference.

In this era of innovation, if you have this bar chair, I believe it will let you put it down!

Guangzhou CDG furniture products used in the catering industry, hotel, leisure and entertainment, outdoor Home Furnishing, retro old, European and American style complete, reliable product quality, product design, fashion products, new trends, popular chain restaurants, hotel furniture, decoration design industry elite to come to consult the purchase, negotiate cooperation. For more information, please visit our official website:

Metal Furniture At The Time

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In our lives, Furniture is indispensable things, the styles in the market is diverse.


With the rise of the “green revolution” of the iron and steel industry and the promotion of the “zero energy consumption” production process, metal materials from the selection process to the production process and after the elimination, will not bring waste to the community, but not the ecological environment Too unfriendly influence, is reusable, sustainable development of resource products.

Guangzhou CDG Furniture ( production of metal furniture with 10-station system cleaning phosphating process, can effectively ensure the coating and the workpiece surface firmness, the coating material using environmentally friendly automotive coatings, sunscreen, Waterproof, moisture-proof effect is excellent, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.


Metal furniture, can be with solid colors, can be metal with solid wood, also can be metal with fabric and leather and other soft materials combination;

Metal furniture, can be presented in modern style, can be presented in the pastoral wind, and now it is blowing a wave of retro industrial wind.


Many furniture like the table in the picture below which is changed by metal equipment, which has become the favorite of some fashion people now.


How To Set Dining Room Furniture

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Home restaurant is a place to eat, a reasonable place to put the dining room furniture is our enjoyment, then, how to put the dining furniture to be reasonable? What attention should be taken to dining  furniture? Here, the author will explain the dining furniture display skills.CDG furniture is a dining furniture factory.


In knowing how to place the restaurant furniture, we first come to understand what the main dining furniture. The dining room furniture is mainly dining table, dining chair and dining cabinet.


How to decorate the dining furniture? Follow the meal reasonable to put the principles of furniture.

Dining furniture placed the most important thing is convenient, easy to clean. In the restaurant furniture and furniture should be set aside between the enough space for activities, dining furniture and dining room should be closely linked to the pattern. CDG furniture is a dining furniture suppliers.


The dining room displays a variety of wines or beverages, is an indispensable landscape of dining room, the display of the dining furniture to prevent the smooth passage of the dining room channel principle.

Finally, I would like to talk about the choice of furniture.


The choice of furniture need to pay attention to the size of the space with. Small space with large dining table, or large space with a small table are unreasonable. Due to the practical problems of the purchase, it is difficult for the purchaser to get things to the scene for comparison. So, first measure the preferences of the table size, get the scene to do a more appropriate, to avoid the inconvenience caused by too small or too small.

Wooden Finish Aluminium Chair

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Love the wooden looking but worry about not durablity euough?

CDG have what exactly what you want!CDG is one professional metal table and chair manufacturer.

We supply different style, but completed range aluminum chairs, bar stool and bar chair with wooden finsh.

They are wood looking in nice design, but strong, durable enought with reasonable price.

Our alumunium chair there are bellowing 4 advantages:

  1. Heavy-duty, durable aluminium frame, can be use with PU seat pad or outdoor fabric cushion;
  2. Solid structure, can remain stable;
  3. Low maintaenance;
  4. Convenient storage and easy to transport. Due to Aluminum strong enough, but very light as well.

And our chair most of can be stackable. You could  save a lot shipping space and cost.

Family Seating By Famous Designer Chair

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It was designed by the French designer Alban Le Henry, who worked for years as assistant in the Bouroullec brothers’ studio, and is entirely produced in Italy as all Colos products. STECCA is a whole family of seating with catchy flowing shapes reminiscent of bentwood chairs.

Stecca is not merely a chair, but a whole family of seating accommodations with catchy flowing shapes reminiscent of bentwood chairs. All the Stecca chairs are robust aluminium lightweights whose uses could not be more versatile, on top of all for outdoor. No matter where you encounter a Stecca, its easygoing and warm nature will always welcome you and invite you for a relaxed seating.


The collection has been reproduced, in this case, with a new material, aluminum: used to make the product suitable for outdoor environment, and its lightness feeling with the variety of colors available, makes it perfect for interior spaces.


In production since 2016, these aluminum chairs with curved structure are available in a wide variety of colors: Mustard, Baby-blue,Aubergine, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Cream, Black. STECCA, also, got the 1st level certification of EN 16139: 2013, satisfing the requirements of strength, durability and safety.


Guangzhou CDG furniture mainly design and supply comprehensive range of high quality furniture to Garden, the Hospitality,Design Studio and Event.the 657S-H45-Alu is cross back design,can be stackable, used to indoor and outdoor.

Replica Freshman Chair

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The Freshman Chair is modelled after an antique Schoolhouse chair from the early 20th century. The Freshman Chair is part of our industrial Schoolhouse Collection and is perfect for any funky cafe or industrial style dining table. Its clean lines and slim, airy profile are beautifully rendered in grade A steel and hand-finished to showcase hand-welded seams. Each piece is finished in an antique walnut stain to create that schoolhouse feel.

These replica Freshman Chairs are also stackable, so perfect for commercial or home use.


If you want more informaton ,pls contact Guangzhou CDG furniture co.,Ltd

How To Make Your Restaurant’S Outdoor Area Attractive

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Almost 100% of your customers like to sit outsie and enjoy the sun when sipping on their coffee or tasting their food.

Have a wonderful outdoor area is a large selling point. So don’t hesitate to spending time and money to set up your outdoor area.


Firstly, add some green! For sure your custoemrs will love them.

Plants, represent for life, are known to have a calming effect on person, encouraging them to forget their annoyance and busy job to enjoy your cafe & food.

The green color can make person freshness, nature and wellness . For sure your customers feel more relaxed when surrounded by plants.


They may even be keen to stick around a little longer and consume more?


Meanwhile, your customers enjoy it, your staff will apprecate it too! You want to keep you staff happy and enjoy to work, right?


Secondly, choose some matching furniture

CDG is a hospitality metal furniture factory, our alu. dining table, chair and love chair are very good for outdoor restaurant, which strong and comfortable enough.

CDG supply several bright colors, which are very good for outdoor area.

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