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CDG’s Bar Stool

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CDG produce the bar stool is such a modern designer stool, that you shall see it featured in magazines and in many upmarket restaurants around most country. The design is a replica of the 2005 award winning design by Naota Fukusawa. This stunning stool will become a feature in your home around your covered outdoor bar area.

This retro style bar stool features a solid ash wood seat, with a powder coated white/black steel frame. The styling is retro, with the wood seat providing a soft touch to this elegant stool which has a smaller foot print than many similar bar stools, thus making it ideal for commercial applications.

Take It Outside

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There’s little more valuable in the real estate market than a functional, well-appointed outdoor space. Potential buyers are very likely to see your patio, backyard and screened-in porch as a value proposition that will help them relax and unwind after a long day.

And, let’s face it: house-buying is stressful, so play up this asset! If that’s not enough to convince you, a study by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that 83 percent of buyers look for a home with a patio, while 80 percent desire a front porch.

Now that you know your outdoor space is high on the list of sought-after home features, you can get to decorating! Outdoor furniture is by large the simplest, most affordable way to dress up your porch or patio, CDG metal outdoor furniture( will make your big patio visions a reality with unique and creative outdoor designs.

Tips Of CDG Furniture Maintenance

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Perform a thorough inspection of each chair/barstool/table once a month. Particular care should be taken in inspecting structural joints, welds and fasteners (i.e. screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) which can be loosening under norm use. If a product shows any sign of structural failure(i.e. welds, tabs, hardware etc). CDG strongly recommends taking it out of service immediately and repairing it prior to putting back into service.


Metal Furniture Maintenance: Regularly check glides to make sure all of them are in place, to prevent any slipping or tipping over of the chair/barstool. Finished product can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. In a case where the finish has been damaged, repair by sanding the area lightly and applying a light coat of touch-up paint from a spray gun.

Upholstery Vinyl Cleaning: Clean all vinyls with a mild soap and water. Spills or spots need to be cleaned promptly. Otherwise, some stains will become permanent.


Upholstery Fabric Cleaning: Determine the correct composition of the fabric and then clean with a substance recommended for the material according to the directions. Cleaning fabric with the wrong substance may result in permanent damage.

Table Top Cleaning: Do not use abrasive cleaners on any table top. CDG recommends using furniture polish for wood finish top, soft cloth and glass cleaner for laminate tops.

How to Select Your Event Furniture?

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As we know create an environment that enhances is very important for any situation, especially for event.

Suitable and comfortable furniture could set a nice mood for all the attendees and creating the right ambiance for your event.

CDG is an industrial and vintage style metal furniture manufacturer. CDG have supply a lot of furniture to rental furniture customers from different countries.


Bellowing are some tips for chooses event furniture:

1.Degree of comfort for all the seating.

For example: chairs, sofa and stool are comfortable enough. Since some time the event like conference it may last 3-4hours, event 5-6 hours.

2.Color and style match for different type furniture in same event.

Like table and chair colors are matching for set, stool color match the counter.

CDG metal furniture supply various colors in different finish, suitable for different event, like wedding and parties.

3.Weight of the furniture.

Event furniture has to be strong enough, but not so heavy. Due to it may have move frequently.

So aluminium furniutre will be a good choose.


4.Easy to assemble.


5.Convenient for transporting.

Chairs it have to can stackable, table in knock down structure.

In this way, volume will smaller to save space and transport cost.


CDG Plywood Dining Chairs

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CDG Metal Plywood dining chair is a modern chair with elements of retro style and industrial French design. This chair is carefully crafted from thick curved plywood with steel legs. The gentle curves on the back rest and seat ensure for hours of comfort.

This chair are suit a wide variety of dining tables. Suitable for those wishing to create a vintage or industrial look, these retro chairs would look great around an aged dining table. This chair is crafted to last a lifetime and is certainly suitable for use in bars and restaurants

Different Furniture Style In CDG Furniture

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Trend or smart investment?

There has been a boom in this industrial style. It is hard to visit a high street without trendy cafes and shops full of industrial steel and wood furniture.

Unlike the “throw away” mass-produced furniture or poorly made “budget” items, CDG offers something different. Each piece we create is carefully designed and produced based on our understanding of authentic industrial furniture. We prefer to over-engineer rather than cut back on materials. Why use 1mm-thick steel when 3mm will produce a superior product? We do not use veneers or MDF, only solid wood. A piece of 40mm-thick Oak will last for generations. It can be re-sanded and oiled time and again.

When you buy well-made furniture that is built from quality materials, it is always an investment. A solid Oak dining table will last a lifetime but will also maintain a high residual value. We are producing furniture now that will be around long after we have gone. You could call it “heirloom quality”. Furniture made from hardwood and steel is always going to be a valuable combination. If built right, by skilled people, it is a sound investment. When you purchase handmade furniture from an independent company you are also buying a small piece of the training, experimenting, developing and perfecting that went into the product. For every design there are probably 20 others that never made it past a sketch or prototype. It is this dedication and creativity that ultimately allows for furniture designs to be produced.

Another point to consider when choosing where to buy your furniture is the service. When you contact CDG furniture, We can answer any questions you have and talk through options relating to your enquiry. If you have a bespoke product in mind we will be able to visualise your idea on the computer to ensure we produce the best design for your requirements.

Excellent customer service is at the centre of what we do. We want your experience with us to be positive so that not only will you return but will also recommend us. We are a family business and we want our customers to understand who we are and see what we offer.

Get in touch today to start your journey with CDG furniture.

The Color Blue

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This year we are craving the color blue. Depending on the shade of blue, it can be used to make a small space feel larger or a large space feel more cozy. Blue, can be used in a monochromatic color scheme to create a tranquil feel or as a pop of color in neutral palette.When designing a room, always ask yourself how you want to feel in the space.The paint color, accessories, and furniture all work together to create a mood.

Blue is a common color found in nature that evokes peace and cleanliness, it also signifies strength and durability. Blue is the perfect color to incorporate into an industrial modern space because the look is all about clean lines, strength, and durability.

If your space has a neutral color scheme like grey, add some blue. Pairing a grey color scheme with blue or other cool colors will create the feel of stability and balance. The dining set below from CDG Furniture is an excellent way to add texture and warmth to an industrial modern space.


All of the pieces featured above are from CDG Furniture, to shop this look visit us at CDG Furniture !

How To Weather-Proof Your Metal Furniture For The Outdoor

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How To Weather-Proof Your Metal Furniture For The Outdoor

1. Maintenance

Rust-oleum.I have used Rust-Oleum for years for all kinds of outdoor projects. They are my go-to paint for pretty much all furniture projects. They also are hosting a contest this summer! If you show your project on Instagram or Twitter, follow their accounts and use their #stoprust and #inwiththeold hashtags, you can be entered to win a monthly prize box and $100 gift card to any Rust-Oleum retailer of your choice! Just in case you needed any extra inspiration to get working on those projects.

If you have a piece of furniture that is just a little bit (I mean a teeny tiny bit) chipped, it can become rusty quickly and over time ruin your furniture. So it’s pretty important to maintain your metal furniture by sanding smooth any chipped areas and repainting them. It’s a small simple thing that can make your furniture last far, far longer!

For these chairs, I used Semi-Gloss Protective Enamel in White.


2. Proper Storage

If you live in a region that gets cold, rainy or snowy to the point where you are not using your outdoor space for part of the year—store your furniture! There is no reason to expose them to wear and tear when you aren’t even able to be out there enjoying them! If you don’t have storage indoors or some kind of shed, just buy protective waterproof covers for your pieces and use them through the winter or any season you aren’t using your outdoor space. It’s an extra step, I know, but you will be so glad you did!

We CDG is a factory mainly manufacture metal furniture,all our products are base on high-end level for commercial use. We use high quality car paintingl,which can be 100% outdoor use, and for long life of furniture.Should more inquiry about metal furniture you have , please be freely contact me at anytime.

Helping You to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture are made from kinds of different materials, most consumers are looking for outdoor furniture that will with stand the elements of Mother Nature, and will last and always look new for years to come, with less maintenance.Different materials, there is different advantage. But Durability, Design and comfortable always the key points that you need to consider before buying furniture. Study the characteristics of each kind of material pay more attention to the retailer’s guarantee of the material. Consider and understand the weather conditions as some materials will be more resistant to rain, wind, snow and others to the sunshine and heat.

The other considerations are size, weight and the ability to move and store your outdoor furniture when not in use. Also think about the maintenance and care of your tables, chairs or sun lounges.

According the above tips, aluminum furniture will be your good choice:

  1. Durability enough;
  2. Weight is not heavy, easy to move and store.
  3. Easy to maintain, just clean by wet cloth.
  4. Can be use with or with cushion depend on season.



3 Smart Tips for Choosing Outdoor Summer Seating for Entertaining

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Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. With longer days and warmer temperatures, the timing is just right for outdoor gatherings. Nothing feels as good as having family and friends over for an outdoor party during summer. However, preparing for party itself can be less than exciting especially when your outdoors require a lot of attention. CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture manufacturers.


Image via: Summer Classics

One simple way to give your outdoors an instant face-lift is by getting outdoor summer seating. Outdoor furniture can instantly transform patios, terraces, balconies, and gardens into decorative havens. It will give your guests an opportunity to smell the roses, feel the fresh summer breeze, enjoy the clear blue sky, or play a game on the lawn. When looking for the best summer seating, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider The Furniture’s Purpose

When looking for outdoor summer furniture, it is important to consider how it will be used. Will your guests be sitting on the furniture sipping cool drinks or will they be having rowdy fun outdoors? If you would like to create a calm environment, go for cozy seating but if you like to entertain a lot, get versatile furniture for your different guests. If you’re entertaining around the pool area, lounge chairs are a perfect choice as they give one the opportunity to relax or take a nap. Other important things to consider are the people who will generally use the furniture and the number of people who will attend the event.

  1. Go For Comfortable, Stylish Seating

Your outdoor area is an extension of your home’s interior so it is important to choose comfy and stylish furniture that mirrors your interior décor. When creating a comfortable environment, choose furniture with cushions as it provides supreme comfort and also appeals to your guests. Outdoor furniture designed for style and comfort is great as it provides the perfect atmosphere for summer entertaining.

  1. Choose Furniture in Summer Colors

Summer is all about bright, eye-catching colors. A great way to create the perfect outdoor summer environment is by choosing furniture in bright summer colors. Colorful furniture makes your balcony, patio, or poolside look warm and inviting. Bright colors can brighten up any setting and also uplift people’s moods.


These simple tips will help you to choose great outdoor summer seating. You’ll not only enjoy your outdoors, you’ll love entertaining even more.

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