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A Hairpin Series Of Stools And Chairs – The Best Choice For Restaurants

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CDG Furniture Co. Ltd. from the beginning of 2022 developed a series of hairpin tables and chairs, including dining chair, stool, stool and chair. The hairpin series table chair is the classic industrial wind furniture, especially suitable for restaurants, cafes and other places. CDG furniture provides various kinds of industrial wind furniture. It is a professional manufacturer of industrial wind furniture and a supplier of industrial wind furniture.

Hairpin chair
The chair is a solid iron frame combined with a bending plate and a backrest. The shape of the foot looks like the hairpin brings different touch. The curved wooden seat board and the back make the seat comfortable enough.


Hairpin stool
Our hairpin series currently consists of 2 versions:
Version 1: the frame is made of solid iron and iron, and the conventional color is light black and white, which can be used for indoor and outdoor.

Version second: solid iron and willow wood plate, but still suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as matte black and white shelf looks very nice, of course with antique shedding effect will be more elegant.

Hairpin stool H65cm or H75cm
As for stool, the wine stool is available for Industry and Manchurian wine stool, including two standard sizes: the high H65cm in the bar stool and the high bar stool of H75cm. Both of these two are suitable for indoor and outdoor.


Hairpin chair
For the bar chair, it is the same as the bar stool, including two standard sizes: the middle bar high H65cm and the high bar chair high H75cm. The hairpin chair was developed only in August 2016. We use heavy metal surface treatment and nano gold and silver treatment.

Nordic Wind Design Windsor Chair

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Talk to the Nordic home style and way of life, I believe there must be a lot of friends like me, my heart is full of envy, while not consciously play a thumbs up, praise, that how to build a stand the test of time, and not greasy, white lasting new classic Nordic style? I’ll share the mystery with you today.

Pure white as the base, make the space more comfortable and bright. A large number of raw wood materials are used, and the natural wood texture is used as a whole.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture factory.


The lively work method with a straight line interlaced collage shows a rich sense of visual change. The part of the ceiling, do not make general encapsulation treatment, in a three-dimensional oblique angle, ingeniously hidden audio-visual equipment in the invisible.


Through the soft indirect light source, with the local projection light, make the light and shadow more colorful and rich. Bold selection of colorful sofa background wall, create a unique lively feeling and vitality.


With a large area of pure white as the base of vision, through the natural wood texture, desalination of the original space ice cold, adding a few happy and warm.

So, share with everyone outside the Nordic style of decoration, there is no doubt that Guangzhou j.may company also to solve a problem. Below is a big introduction to our CDG Furniture North European retro table chair Windsor chair. CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.


Design idea

Nordic style is an organic combination of science on human and nature, society, and environment, which epitomizes the green design, environmental design, sustainable development design concept; it shows respect and preference for traditional craft and natural materials; it is in the form of more soft and organic, so rich a strong human touch; Home Furnishing style it largely reflected in furniture design. Pay attention to function, simplify the design, simple lines, and use a bright and neutral color.

Style characteristics

1, Nordic style in dealing with space generally emphasizes spacious indoor space, both inside and outside, and maximizes the introduction of natural light. In the spatial graphic design, we pursue the sense of fluency; the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture furnishings, lamps and utensils are all characterized by simple sculpt, pure texture and fine technology.

2, wood is the Nordic style of the decoration of the soul. In order to help the indoor heat preservation, the Nordic people used the good heat insulation wood during the interior decoration. The wood basically uses unrefined logs and preserves the original color and texture of the wood. The buildings are mainly of spires, top beams, purlins, rafters and other building components made of indoor visible logs. This style is used in flat roofed buildings to evolve into a pure decorative wooden “false beam”.

3,The decorative materials used in Nordic style are stone, glass and iron, but all of them retain the original texture of these materials without exception.

4, the choice of home color, bias light color such as white, beige, light wood color. Often with white as the main tone, the use of bright color of pure color, or black and white as the main tone, not added to any other color. The feeling of space is clear and clear, and there is no sense of confusion.

5, the curtain carpet soft outfit collocation, cotton and other natural texture preference.

Design influence

It changed the image of the pure Nordic style, which was too rational and stereotyped, integrated into the modern cultural concept, and joined the application of new materials, which is more consistent with the needs of the international society. Therefore, in recent years, the international community has become more and more popular. Most of the Nordic homes we see now are the embodiment of the New Nordic style.



Innovative Furniture In CDG Furniture

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Chinese furniture represents an outstanding Chinese art.

It combines Oriental Art with bright features, and is rated as a pearl like primitive art.

When it comes to the unique features of Chinese furniture, some people say that it gives full play to the wood and the beautiful texture of the wood.

Some people say it has perfect artistic shape. The lines are delicate, simple and smooth, and the structure is reasonable and elegant.

Some people say that its production technology is first-class, accurate, and has the decoration and elegance.

Some people say that it has a long history of elegance, adhering to the elegant artistic style and colorful charm.

We are experts in CDG furniture metal furniture, founded in 2006, we aim to design and provide customers with high quality furniture.

Our furniture is suitable for outdoor, indoor places.

Our product features are: durable, durable, handmade, complete categories, cost-effective.

Our product scenery is: retro, old, European style industrial wind, antique shedding, American classic, style is changeable, suitable for any place use.

Exquisite Dining Room Chair

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CDG furniture’s small dining room chair, designed from the French student chair in the early twentieth Century.

A small dining room chair for CDG furniture, suitable for any office, restaurant, bar and any table.


CDG furniture’s small dining room chair, the line is clean and beautiful beautiful.

CDG furniture’s small dining room chair, made of a grade material, exquisite handmade welding show the perfect handling of the welding place.

CDG Bertoia Metal Wire Chair

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Harry Bertoia is a famous American designer. In 1950, Bertoia designed a steel bar to make a solid, light and economical chair, which attracted people’s attention to metal chairs. In 1952, he by bending a metal rod design a creative Bertoia chair, the chair steel rod is arranged in an orderly manner, graceful and rounded, not only durable, is a highly cost-effective products, the use of a metal seed shape to chair rich modern feeling, because the production is simple, material simple, suitable for mass production, so it has been popular since the chair.

CDG’s Bertoia furniture products, metal wire, perfect welding, simple structure, smooth style, beautiful gorgeous appearance, exquisite craft, it is a good example of a chair in the pursuit of comfortable, modern, fashion classic extremely, with a new style for our life.

CDG Furniture looks forward to meeting you at Furniture China 2021

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Dear Customers:


Guangzhou CDG Furniture Co., Ltd. is a 15 year catering furniture brand company. It is a furniture manufacturer specializing in the design, development, production and sales of restaurant furniture. It has been specializing in the professional design, production and customization of a series of commercial furniture such as western restaurant furniture, coffee shop furniture, tea restaurant furniture, bar furniture and chain catering furniture for a long time.

Thank you for your support and trust in CDG Furniture. The production and R & D team of CDG company will live up to expectations and launch a variety of original design products and a series of new products. On the occasion of the arrival of the 27th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Exhibition, we sincerely invite you to visit booth N2B02 of Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 28 to 31, 2021.

Advantages of CDG Furniture

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It is precisely because of the unique advantages of CDG furniture in various aspects, the product is so favored by the market, the company has such amazing development speed, now our advantages are summarized as follows:

1. metal furniture: metal furniture is the core of CDG furniture. At first CDG genmed furniture in the form of Agence customer service. From the beginning of 2013 has its own design team and the factory started its own brand. And there are very clear goals and market positioning. Specializing in the production of coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial use of high-grade metal furniture.


2. quality control: as the Agence experience, professional and powerful QC, QA team, CDG furniture quality control in very professional technology and strict standards, it allows us to enter the stage of rapid development in a short period of three years.


3. production efficiency management: CDG furniture from 2013 only 30 workers began to now each month 30 to 40 high cabinet production capacity. This is inseparable from CDG furniture all the way down to accumulate experience, innovation, reform and a set of systematic management methods.


4. price competition, improve the production efficiency to the maximum extent, to control the cost, reduce the maximum degree of marginal cost, high quality and inexpensive source from supplier, to control the material utilization rate is highest, to arrange the inventory, make our products in the same quality standard is very competitive.


5. manual effect: This is the biggest feature of CDG furniture products.Although the ordinary powder has high production efficiency, but can not meet the personalized, the characteristics of the market demand, in such a philosophy, we have developed a series of CDG furniture manual appearance, such as handmade imitation wood, antique series, shedding effect, and the new Fenghua effect, making the CDG furniture products are sold.

CDG Furniture 705 Series Products

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CDG Furniture 705 series of products because the classic elegant appearance, ergonomic design smooth and comfortable, so in the engineering of furniture in the pursuit, whether it is a public area, or dining area, or Leisure Center, 705 series of products have provided a flexible portfolio allocation scheme, suitable for various styles of places.

CDG Furniture is committed to creating a comfortable and comfortable space for every family. Guangzhou CDG furniture is a professional dining chairs, metal furniture and outdoor furniture manufacturers. Founded in 2006, has been more than 10 years of history, flagship catering, furniture and metal furniture.

A Chair Suitable For Outdoor Wedding

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CDG furniture is a professional metal furniture manufacturer, set design, production, sales in one enterprise. Our products are sold to domestic and commercial furniture market at home and abroad.

Wedding chairs are commercial furniture. One of our Bulgarian hotel guests bought hundreds of chairs for outdoor weddings. He is our best selling 657S-H45-ALU, this is a stacked aluminum cross backrest chair, indoor and outdoor can be used, and very strong, but lightweight, easy to move and transport.

The guests chose off the antique gray, in fact, all of our off color: off white, yellow, green, red, blue and ordinary white, milk white, red, orange, blue, green, powder are very suitable for wedding use.

Chair Selection And Maintenance Skills

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CDG furniture teach you the chair purchase points:


First of all, it is necessary to confirm whether the metal chairs are treated by corrosion protection. Because of the limitation of the metal itself, the metal parts which are not disposed of or disposed improperly are easy to rust in the humid environment.


Secondly, the metal parts are iron chairs so welded together, to carefully observe the welding parts and each metal bend is solid, smooth, no obvious convex folds.


Third, to observe whether the riveting of metal parts and steel pipe is firm, whether the rivet cap is smooth and flat, without burr. Finally, also with overall hand touch check again, see the chair surface is smooth, there is no bump, bump or bulge marks.


CDG furniture teach you the chair maintenance skills:


Solid wood chair: you can directly wipe with dry cloth, and then hit some cleaners, do not use too wet cloth to wipe, and then to dry, that will make the decay of the internal decay of solid wood. But do not expose in the sun, that will allow the decay of wood internal decay, affecting its service life.


Cloth chairs: cleaning cloth chairs at the most critical part is facing, because it is made of cloth finishing, in order to ensure that the material does not hurt, not scrub, can only use a wet towel to wipe, if the dirty words can be cleaned with diluted agent supporting cleanser, attention concentration can not be too high, so as not to fade.


Iron chair: we all know, wrought iron furniture is easy to embroider, so in peacetime use, as little as possible contact with water, clean with special cleaning agent, spray, wipe with dishcloth. Then dry it randomly. That’s all right.


Leather chair: method of cleaning leather chair relative cloth chairs is very simple, we only need to gently wipe with a wet towel, because it is so good to clean leather, but this kind of chair after the cleaning, not exposure, so as not to cause serious damage to the cortex, but also in the dry after the best an oil brush.


Plastic chair: we all know, plastic chairs move more convenient, many families buy for children, and usually do not need to fold up. This is very convenient, plastic chairs under general circumstances with clean water can be, if there is a special material to get above, you need to find the corresponding diluent for cleaning.

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