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CDG Furniture Back To Ancient Metal Windsor Table And Chair

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Model: 728-H45-ST/ALU, 728M-H45-ST/ALU


Enjoy this classic antique metal Windsor table and chair for your home with modern colors of the ancient appearance. These chairs are placed in your courtyard like an elegant model and unique. The colorful Retro Finish, such as white, blue, green, pink, yellow, gray and so on, can be a charming picture with your quiet, comfortable, flowers blooming and luxuriant courtyard. A cup of coffee in the evening, sitting in your yard, forgetting the tiredness of a day, or the weekend, listening to music, lover’s companion, sunning the sun under the leaves. Enough to let you sigh this human wisdom.

We choose two kinds of CDG furniture with iron and aluminum to meet the use of indoor and outdoor situations. This classic retro metal furniture to create furniture genmed durable, easy to clean. Especially made of aluminum material, durable, easy to move and clean the desks and chairs the chairs by Windsor color design, is a complement to most of the color scheme. Put these comfortable and casual chairs in your office, dining area, yard or other places to enjoy the appearance of fresh living space.

Structure: no handrails and handrails two options, size is also larger, sitting on a strong sense of comfort is also very strong

Features: a set of six chairs for a set table

Material: aluminum or iron

Appearance: weathering, multicolor

Style: retro, clear lines, add fashion to your living space, Windsor table and chair

An Increasingly Popular Metal Table And Chair

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In today’s information age and knowledge economy, with the changes in lifestyle and taste and spiritual culture continues to improve, personalized, humanization, combining tradition and fashion products will become an important way for a new era of people’s pursuit of fashion and enjoy life. Now the general people think a chair is most in need of backrest by now, people won’t be sitting in a chair, they will present a variety of postures, back to give them an opportunity to relax muscle, but to really relax back to see the chair curve design is reasonable.

657 classic metal chairs CDG furniture design concept, is to let everyone in the leisure space, enjoy unlimited relaxation, according to the principle of human engineering design, with the appearance of fashionable individual character, back streamline design, seat comfort, even if long time use is not easy to produce aching feeling, humanization the design is good for health, this is every consumer wants.


CDG furniture 657 classic metal tables and chairs applicable place: applicable to the living room, cafe, western restaurant, tea restaurant, bar, outdoor and so on. CDG furniture provides all kinds of metal tables and chairs. It is a professional metal desk and chair manufacturer and a metal table and chair supplier.

Popular Trend Of Retro Metal Outdoor Furniture

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Back to the old is an increasing trend every year, also in the design of furniture, consumers are also constantly choosing a variety of retro metal outdoor furniture. Fashion is constantly retro cycle, furniture activities are no exception, now do all sorts of retro metal furniture products of people in the process of excellent realistic praise at the same time, also seems to have a mysterious sense of crossing the people back to the scene of a particular era, specific.

Compared with the previous people in their pursuit of new and fashionable styles of Home Furnishing activities of the times, in the pursuit of personality, advocating natural today, seems to be more popular retro metal furniture products are old, these unique ancient activities, as described in the past, let the whole home full of stories, but also full of warmth.

Guangzhou CDG Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal furniture enterprises, retro color is our main color, treatment effect, professional manufacturing technology, excellent product quality, love by people at home and abroad, CDG Furniture is your preferred industrial retro metal outdoor furniture factory.

CDG Furniture Teaches You How To Choose Home Table Chairs

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A good table and chair can be used to make the dining environment more comfortable. When a family is having a meal, there is no need for gossip. The dining table chair directly affects the happiness of family members when they are having a meal, so naturally they have to choose carefully. Many people are confused about this, and CDG furniture reminds you that you actually have a lot of details to take into consideration for choosing a table and chair.

One,The space size of the dining area


Whether it is a special restaurant or a restaurant function, we must first determine the size of the dining area. is big enough and there is an independent restaurant, so you can choose a heavy table and chair to match the space.


2.the space is limited. The number of dining people is uncertain. It can choose a telescopic dining table. There is no need to buy a large dining table for a few large meals in a year.


The family of small family can choose a table to play different roles, such as writing desk to meet some basic learning and office needs. Or if the number is not much, you can also use the small tea table in the living room as a table.

Two, the overall style

We must pay attention to the choice of dining table with the whole decoration style. Imagine the whole style is the Nordic simplicity. Instead, we choose the American country wind table. The effect is amazing.


Three, material and size


The table and chair can be divided into steel wood, toughened glass, marble, solid wood, metal and so on. It is recommended to choose table chairs and chairs made of solid wood or steel tubes. The feet and feet of the chairs are more weight-bearing than other materials.


Now the material of the table is mostly wood based, and has a thick texture. Especially now, more and more people begin to pay attention to environmental protection, and more and more people choose wooden materials.


The selection of the size of the table and chair can be summed up to the following 3 points:

  1. the scientific height of the table is about 72cm.
  2. seat chair height is 45cm, not too high foot touchdown, too low, uncomfortable posture;

When 3. tables and chairs are used, the height difference of the table and chair should be controlled within the range of 28-32cm.

Four, modeling and decoration

The table is a girl who needs your help and dressing up. The choice of table and chair shapes also affects the atmosphere of the home.


For example, a rectangular table is more suitable for a large dinner, a round table has a democratic atmosphere, and a special table is more suitable for two people. It was mentioned earlier that you could use the table as a table.


In decorating, we can choose different tablecloths. The tablecloth material is recommended to use PVC material tablecloth which is insulated, oil proof and waterproof. It eliminates the malpractice of poor Linen Tablecloth and protects the desktop. Of course, if you just like the traditional sense of linen quality, do not think it is troublesome to take care of it. Linen Tablecloth is also a good choice. It is better to use some thermal insulation pads to protect the table. It is suggested that the decoration of the table is as simple and generous as possible. After all, its main function is to eat, as long as it is simple to put a vase.

Five. Design method


According to the design method, the table chair can be divided into foldable, non folding, split table, table chair and continuous table chair.


It is suggested that small family families can choose foldable dining tables and chairs if the space is small, and compare the provincial space; if the dining area is large, it is also possible to choose a non foldable and heavier table chair, which is the overall coordination. The desks and chairs are what we usually use at home.

Classic Industrial Wind Chair

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Open life
What the owner wants to decorate is a single – layer Vitoria – era terrace that is similar to the city of Melbourne. With the help of ecological architects, they have turned their crowded, dark home into a sunny home by reducing the ecological footprint of their homes.

Life and dining area
In the area of life and restaurants, a line of light and bright light is built along the windows and doors of roof windows, and the floor of fellow friends is recycled to complete the natural oil sealant, which is full of warmth and a sense of flow.

Master bedroom
On the four – column bed, it was covered by the linen from the industrial steel tube and Harper, worn several years ago in the United States. At the other end of the room is a custom desk from an international map and an industrial wind chair with a classic CDG furniture.

Bar Decoration Is The Favored Industrial Wind Personality

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Industrial style, combined with some kind of nostalgia, is red from the origin of Europe to all parts of the world. With this style as the main bar, more and more in China. Under the atmosphere of uninhibited personality, sensory stimulation, relaxation and relaxation, people can not help but relax their exhausted nerves and release their desire for imprisonment.


The industrial style originated in the industrial era, because in the bottom of the social workers poor, only living in the abandoned factories, with their hands to see the wind and all the furniture industry of metal and wood made of all kinds of old. The bright yellow copper iron, the gray black wood, the cold cement and so on, all these can be regarded as the element symbol of the industrial wind furniture.

For now, combined with the trend of nostalgia, industrial style decoration has become the fashion trend. From the birthplace of Europe to Europe and America, almost all the major cities in the world can see the theme of industrial style decoration. The design of the bar is no exception.


The industrial style bar decoration is mainly emanated by metallic texture. The mysterious Gothic dome, the decadent and screaming of the steam age touched people instantly. Under the atmosphere of uninhibited personality, sensory stimulation, beautiful and unique artistic conception, comfortable and intense relaxation, people can not help but relax their tired nerves and release their desire for imprisonment.


As far as CDG furniture is concerned, this kind of nostalgic industrial style is particularly admired. Some people think that this kind of foreign style seems somewhat incompatible in China, but people who know how to appreciate it do not have much to do with it. Like the radish leaves, in China, with industrial wind texture of the bar, will support the consumer groups.


At home, most of the consumers in the bar are the white-collar class, and their work pressure is very large, and the proper decompression is needed in the life. So the bar needs to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers, and at the same time, it also reflects its own style and culture to customers, so that customers’ thoughts can be separated from their restless work and life temporarily. In this case, the unruly personality of the industrial style bar can stimulate the sense of the people and let people relax. Besides, the style of the bar can also satisfy some people’s pursuit of foreign fashionable petty bourgeois mentality, and it can also satisfy their curiosity about factory workshop.



Metal Furniture Is So Popular

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In recent years, metal furniture is more and more popular, more and more consumers now use metal furniture to furnish their homes and into commercial center is everywhere metal furniture elements, what is the cause of this upsurge, let us work together to explore.

  1. metal furniture has excellent features, variety of categories, folding function, aesthetic value, goods and cheap goods.


      2. metal furniture is highly polished, strong plastic, durable and changeable in shape and style. Its unique metallic “cold”                texture makes hot summer a hot season for metal furniture.


  1. color and modeling are changeable, when consumers buy and buy, they can make all kinds of models according to the mode they want to meet the needs of various decoration styles. Compared with wood products, metal furniture and other personalized degree of plasticity are a stroke above.


  1. combination of materials, rid of the seasonal constraints of metal furniture. In metal furniture, with the combination of “metal cloth” and “metal solid wood”, the furniture made of metal and cloth is rigid and flexible, and the details are exquisitely carved, creating a strong romantic French tune. The simple combination of metal and solid wood gives a sense of simplicity and simplicity, but at the same time it does not lose the strong and tranquil wind of the real wood.

Wind resistance, anti aging and anti moth and other characteristics of the 5. metal material with its unique to occupy a space for one person in the furniture manufacturing materials, metal furniture and CDG furniture with metal texture, the beautiful appearance and excellent performance, and more and more favored by consumers. In addition to the simple and cool, some metal furniture, with its unique golden appearance, can also create a thick and magnificent palace feeling.

Three Methods Of Buying Furniture

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If you have a house, it may be your most valuable asset, and the car follows. After that, you may spend most of your money on your furniture. So remember the instructions next time you buy furniture.

  1. your furniture should be suitable for your lifestyle.



  1. don’t worry, people usually spend months looking for a house and looking for the right car. But it doesn’t buy much time to buy furniture.



  1. consider how to maintain. Some high-end furniture may need more maintenance than you think.


CDG furniture is an industrial wind furniture factory. CDG furniture provides a variety of professional industrial wind furniture products, CDG furniture brand is trustworthy.

The Perfect Commercial Restaurant Furniture Layout – Choosing Furniture

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You will have to do some serious thinking about what kinds of furniture will work best in your space. You’ll also want to look at local business codes and regulations. The fire department or other regulatory agencies might have rules you’ll need to follow in how your space is set up. Here are some other considerations.

Quality – Make sure to consider the amount of wear and tear your restaurant furniture will be enduring. Refrain from buying non-commercial furniture since it simply won’t hold up. Choose furniture that is made for commercial purposes. CDG furniture is a commercial restaurant furniture factory.


Shape – Analyze your space to determine exactly what shape of tables you will need. Who will be eating at your restaurant the most? You probably want to have some larger square tables, a few smaller square tables, and a round table or two. This will depend on the size of your space and how patrons will be moving within the restaurant.

Style – There are two general styles of tables. You can choose to have anchored seating or portable. A booth is a good example of anchored seating. It might be a good idea to have a mix of both. Portable tables are great for extending anchored seating and for having seats in spaces away from the walls.


To get the best quality and different styles of commercial metal restaurant furniture, reach out to us online at or by giving us a call at 86-20-36933273.


Guide To The Selection Of Metal Furniture

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As we all know, the market of metal furniture market is mixed, the quality is uneven, to all the purchase of metal furniture people are inconvenient. So how do we buy the real quality of high-quality metal furniture? Suggest that you focus on the following aspects:

1, wall thickness: good metal furniture wall thickness in 1.2-2.5mm, cheap goods may use 0.5-1.0mm thick iron tube; good table stand with 4mm thick high-quality triangle board support desktop, poor, will use fine iron tube welding a box and legs connected on the line. Look, the quality of a triangle board is 16 pounds, poor iron frame only 2 jin heavy, this is the difference, a great price difference, a great quality difference, a great quality difference.


2, welding mouth: good metal furniture structure, all welding interface all polished smooth, and then to electrostatic spray, and cheap goods is impossible to spend that man to polish you.

3, spray: regular products to go through oil, pickling, phosphating, rinsing, dusting, dusting, drying, cooling, packaging and many other processes, in order to produce a set of good quality table. And cheap goods, they simply: sandblasting, dusting, drying to solve the problem, such a product because not processed, long time, from the pipe wall rust outside, and more manufacturers are simple, brush black paint directly on the dry line.


CDG Furniture is the founder of high-quality metal furniture, is a professional manufacturer of metal furniture.

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