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Inside A Dreamy, Modern Food Court

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Featuring a bright white industrial space, the Charleston food court, Workshop, could feel sterile or even hokey—but it doesn’t. On the contrary, it’s delightful. Exposed ductwork, bright windows, and light wood tables provide a modern feel. Flints of copper speckle the space, adding Southern charm and polish.


Workshop was founded by restaurateur Michael Shemtov and chef Jonathan Ory and designed by Betsy Berry of B. Berry Interiors. The first of its kind in Charleston, this sophisticated food hall gives burgeoning restaurant owners and chefs a place to test new menus. The beauty of Workshop is that patrons can sample cuisine ranging from cold Vietnamese noodles to Tex-Mex, all in modern, comfortable space. Stalls turn over on a staggered schedule to make room for a different set of culinary delights.



Flanked around stunning natural communal tables, black Bentwood Chairs offer an iconic, feminine design while Brady Barstools keep things modern with their simple steel frame. The Windsor-inspired Hugh Chairs split the difference of modern and classic, feminine and masculine.



Mixing seating styles and design eras can be risky. But Berry’s use of black and natural colors throughout keep the design harmonized. The eclectic mix of seating echoes Workshop’s overall goal: fusing concepts and ideas in a community-rich space. And forget the mall food court—details like hand painted signage, heritage copper pots, and glossy pendant lights create interest and cohesion from stall to stall despite the diverse dining and seating options.



“The architects, trades, and developers are just as happy as we are,” Shemtov says of B. Berry’s design choices, “and our space not only photographs beautifully, but functions as a commercial space with high volume as it should.”


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Industrial Style Furniture

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Industrial style also named industrial chic.

It is an aesthetics trend of interior design which takes inspiration from old factories and industrial space that in recent years

have been converted to lofts, restaurant and other living spaces.

Industrial style include the bellowing componets:

1.Weathered wood

2.Building Systems

3.Exposed brick

4.Industrial lighting fixtures


Materials and Colors are industrial styles’ main elements.

CDG is an Industrial style furniture manufacturer, provide industrial style furntiure for home, restaurant, cafe shop, bar or club.

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How to Match Table Bases and Chairs

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Sometimes when compiling the perfect look for your restaurant or business, things don’t go as planned. Maybe you find the chairs you were envisioning, but the tables that go with it don’t mesh with your décor or aren’t the right size specifications.


Instead of giving up on the chairs you really want, learn how to match table bases and chairs for a look that is truly unique!

When figuring out how to match table bases and chairs, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


First off, always make sure that whatever chairs and bases you are trying to combine can complement each other.


While a certain degree of mismatched whimsy can be fun, combining two elements of design that clash can be jarring to the senses. For example, while combining a hot pink chair with a basic steel table could be kitschy, combining a hot pink chair with an old-fashioned wood pub table might not work as well.


Always put the two items next to each other if possible.


It is recommended to try to find elements within each separate item that is comparative to make it work.


For example, if a chair features a metallic accent, try to find a table base with a similar frame or accent. You want them to look different, yet compatible.


Aside from colors and materials when learning how to match table bases and chairs, you should also keep in mind the contrast in sizes.


When choosing a chair of a certain height, make sure the table base chosen will be right for that particular height and not too tall or short.


You don’t want guests sitting at a table where they feel like they are at the children’s table at a holiday reunion or like a kid at the adult table. Make sure you check the measurements to get a correct scale!


Finding the right furniture for your business can require a little creativity and courage to break out of the mold. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you discover the perfect combination to bring your dining space to life!


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Restaurant style, different design different feelings

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Let’s learn about the design style of the restaurant today, different designs give people a different feeling.

The style of restaurant is European style, Chinese style decoration style, classical style decoration style, modern decoration style, simple style.CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture factory.

  1. European-style decorative style is characterized by luxury and opulence. To some degree can say to want more luxurious just how luxurious, from small to kitchen, toilet, big to advocate lie, dining-room, sitting room can reveal luxurious, rich style. Dining-room furniture corresponds to is metal carved flower table.


  1. The style of Chinese style is dignified and elegant. The traditional Chinese style is dominant and the ethnic style is very strong. Dining-room furniture corresponds to be brunet wooden tableware.


  1. Classic decoration style of primitive simplicity, elegance. Widely used in the past, the traditional wooden craft, the exquisite workmanship, fine, stable color, material is given priority to with simple, so the characteristic of primitive simplicity, especially noble, elegant and dominant.


     4.Modern style is modern and fashionable. The sense of time is especially prominent, which really embodies the style of “keeping up with The Times” or “ahead”. Corresponding furniture is concise metal table.


Every restaurant represents the owner of different characters, no matter what kind of personality you are, I hope you can give you the restaurant you want!CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture suppliers.

Always Choose Quality Furniture

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It seems appealing to buy the cheapest furniture you can find, especially when you’re on a budget. But be careful. Inexpensive doesn’t mean you’ll save money in the long run. If you buy chairs or tables that are built poorly, you’ll end up replacing them in just a couple years. This means that you’ll pay even more for chairs and your return on investment will be severely diminished.

Look for excellent, durable chairs that are made for commercial purposes. They need to have been weight tested, factory assembled, and fabric rub tested. You want each piece of furniture to last many, many years and through thousands of uses. Now that is a worthy investment that will do good for your budget.

CDG Furniture(, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of high quality outdoor and indoor metal furniture to the Hospitality, Leisure, Catering, Event, Education and many commercial markets, also popular with home market for its fashionable and unusual style.

Why metal furniture get more and more popular

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In recent years in the metal furniture Fusion of Chinese and Western classical charm in the seemingly rugged style, elegant, simple, modern, quite artistic appreciation of the value and aesthetic value for today’s furniture market has added a unique landscape, the more To the more popular by the market.

The price of metal furniture is much lower than that of solid wood, it is a lot of people who are well-paid and obsessed create family’s to be special taste. Can be described as inexpensive.

Metal furniture category and variety is very rich, suitable for use in the bedroom, living room, dining room readily available. These metal furniture can be a good place to create a different room in the room needs different atmosphere, but also make the home style diversified and more modern.

Most of the main components of modern metal furniture take material of  1 to 1.2 mm thickness.Good ductility, the design can follow the designer’s art ingenuity, give full play to imagination, processed into a variety of curves, curved shape and style. Artistic metal pipe combine the original structure of the solid wood, wood-based panels, glass and other accessories, Give people feast for the eyes.

Many metal furniture, unique style, avant-garde style, showing a strong personality, these are often difficult to match the wooden furniture and enterprises.


CDG furniture provide you with all kinds of metal furniture, such as dining chairs, bar chairs, dining table, wire chairs, etc. Also available for customized for color, to provide you with professional solutions. CDG worthy of your trust.

Brick wall decoration renderings to create industrial wind restaurant

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The highly personalized brick wall has become the new darling of modern home decoration. The combination of brick walls, recycled wood, concrete and industrial metal furniture makes the restaurant unique. If you still despise the brick wall that out careless about dressing. Next, we will feel the decoration effect of the brick wall and create an industrial wind restaurant.

Pure industrial wind restaurant brick wall decoration, suitable for industrialized love style of young people, if you want to open a unique restaurant, you can try under the industrial style, mix in some other style, necessarily apply to the pursuit of personalized today.

The industrial style is a good mix of minimalism, and concrete and metal furniture are integral to these styles, and they can be well served by adding only a few bold decorations to the restaurant’s decor!



The original brick wall effect, no extra decoration, match the color of the desks and chairs, enough sunshine, show nostalgia, like to stay quiet in the afternoon, enjoy the time, here may be a good choice.


Incomplete brick wall decoration, so that the space will not be filled too full, old dining tables and chairs, so that the industrial wind restaurant is particularly chic.


Perhaps people have been accustomed to seeing the stereotyped lime wall, perhaps the time change aroused people’s nostalgia, a brick wall in Home Furnishing decoration fire, people no longer pursue single Home Furnishing decoration, but love another flavor is not a brick wall has mottled.



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3 Trends To Try In Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor restaurants are not only a great place to refresh with a cool drink, but they also provide a relaxing new retreat for taking in the sights and sounds of the warm summer season. This year, many restaurant patios are looking a little different thanks to transformations that encourage the patrons to stay (and sip) a little longer. Here are some of the leading trends in outdoor furniture.




More than ever, we’re seeing patio designs moving to crochet styles to add texture and interest to outdoor areas. Once a mainstay of the 70s, rattan and wicker outdoor furniture have been reimagined, substituting natural materials for hardy, synthetic ones. Braided polyester and woven synthetic fibers give outdoor furniture a softer texture than their groovier counterparts and provide a new medium to explore interesting shapes.




Combining a sense of nostalgia with a modern appeal, mesh patterns also serve as a lightweight and durable option. You can find the mesh trend in our newest outdoor collection, Opla. Opla features a modern grid-like steel mesh design and can be powdercoated in any of our standard or custom RAL colors.




There’s nothing more captivating or eye-catching than the clean and bold look of bright white. It works for both traditional and contemporary patio designs. To add flavor, pops of color or intense greenery punch to up the design.

Whatever the trend that surrounds us, we’re ready to put our feet up, pour it down, and enjoy all the beautiful simplicity the patio season brings.


Guangzhou CDG furniture Co.,Ltd is Specialist on the Metal Outdoor Designer Contracty Style furniture ,Focus on the outdoor furniture market and the Contract furniture market for more than 10 years .Welcome to visit our website to learn more about we CDG

How To Makes A Good Cafe?

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As a café owner you must know how to making the good cafe.


Share some top tips for you as below :


Good coffee


Most of us are more picky about our coffee beans than ever before and for us if a café can’t serve a delicious cup of coffee which lingers on the taste buds and fills us with a warm and pleasurable feeling, then we won’t be going there again.


Free wi-fi


If like us you’re practically joined at the hip to your phone or tablet, then you’ll probably agree that when stopping for a cup of coffee most of us want to be able to check out the latest news, connect to our emails, or even shop online. Sure wi-fi is an added expense for a café owner but if gets the customers lingering longer and ordering another coffee or bite to eat, then it’s an expense worth incurring.


Tasty affordable food


Cafés are supposed to be casual places where you can hang out with friends or meet a client so we don’t expect Michelin starred food. What we do expect is good tasty well presented food that makes you want to eat there again and at prices which don’t leave a huge dent in your wallet.


Comfortable furniture


If we’re going to be sitting drinking coffee and eating a snack then I don’t know about you, but we like café furniture that looks attractive and is strong and sturdy. It’s also good if there are a few sofas or tub chairs dotted around too.




Any café that has newspapers and magazines available to read also scores extra bonus points. If you’re looking to enjoy a coffee and re-charge your batteries then it’s nice to lose yourself for 15 minutes or so with a good read.


A good vibe


Finally the most important aspect of a good café is for us the vibe that you experience. It’s getting the right balance of calm and liveliness without it becoming chaotic. A café has many purposes. Sometimes it’s a place to study, other times it’s a place to meet first dates, or it can be simply to meet other people and brainstorm a few ideas. In other words a café is somewhere between home and work. A sort of third place which is both sociable and comfortable.


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New Version Thonet Chair

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Actually, original thonet chairs are make of wooden.

CDG is one metal furniture factory, which make Thonet Chair in metal : steel and alumium material.

We are the firsst factory to make the metal thonet chair in Vintage and Retro Finish.


Metal thonet chairs in hand made Vintage finish are look very classical, will never out of fashion, but more strong and durable than wooden thonet chair.


Very good for contract market, also suitable for home and garden use as well.

And we have different colors for optional:

1.Vintage finish these are 8 colors for option: Vintage white, Vintage Black, Vintage Red, Vintage Blue, Vintage Green, Vintage Yellow, Vintage Grey and Vinag e Orange.

2.Retro finish there are 8 colors for option as well: Retro White, Retro Yellow, Retro blue, Retro Yellow, Retro Green, Retro Green, Retro Dark Blue, Retro Olive Green.

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