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Metal Furniture Is Worth Your Possession

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Where the metal plate and tube or rod as the main structure, with various types of wood, man-made board, glass, stone and other furniture made of metal materials and produced entirely by the iron furniture, metal furniture collectively. Metal furniture can be very good to create a different atmosphere in the family room of different needs, also can make Home Furnishing diversified and more modern style. Here is a metal furniture for everyone to do a detailed introduction.

1, green environmental protection

The raw materials of metal furniture is cold rolled steel, smelting and rolling from mineral resources. With the rise of the iron and steel industry of the “green revolution” and “zero energy” of the production process, from the selection of metal materials to the production process and after elimination, will not lead to the waste of resources to the society, and will not have influence on the ecological environment is friendly, reusable and sustainable development of resource products.


2, fireproof, moisture-proof, antimagnetic

The fire is mainly embodied in metal furniture can be subjected to fire test, let the loss to minimum extent. Moisture characteristic of most suitable for the southern region. China in the south area, as long as the temperature between 12 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees centigrade, relative humidity above 60%, is a hotbed of mildew and rust paradise, precious paper documents, photos, instruments, expensive drugs, as well as a variety of film disk are likely to damp. Moisture-proof metal furniture can solve people’s difficulties.

3, functional diversity, space saving

Because of cold rolled sheet strength, metal furniture after processing the bending process can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi drawer, mobile, simple, many advantages can do in different products. In addition, many varieties of metal furniture has the folding function, not only convenient, but also save space.


CDG furniture is a professional manufacturer of metal furniture, metal furniture to provide high-quality products for customers, is a trustworthy manufacturer of metal furniture.

Retro Style Furniture

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Retro is fashion. Everything is going to be a new beginning, you can recall the past while leaving for the future. The focus of retro is nostalgia, everything is so familiar, there is a sense of intimacy, this is the charm of retro style.

Create a more interesting lifestyle by yourself. Home design recycling and creativity: living area on the wall of the collection box is recycled goods, with their own creativity, play a little creative, decorated into personalized bookshelf, simple sofa, chair, chandelier and IKEA carpet, constitute a very interesting living area.


Retro style is more and more accepted, forming a retro trend. At the same time, CDG furniture launched different from the past retro effect, weathering retro tables and chairs, believe that will inevitably lead to a new trend.

History of Windsor Chair

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The beginning of the history is a little obscure. As early as sixteenth Century, there had been car craftsmen invented spindle chairs, colleagues, they also made the wheel spoke. The design has been based on the development and change of the western Welsh and the Irish “Club Chair”, but there is no definite evidence.

It is imagined, the first Windsor chair envisioned in Buckinghamshire, there is the production center moved to high wycombe. The back of the first Windsor chair was designed with a variety of comb back fine bones.


By eighteenth Century, steam curved wood became popular and used in the production of distinctive bow chairs for Windsor chairs. In 1724, the first batch of Windsor chairs produced in the Windsor town of Burke, England, was transported to london. Windsor seat got its name and place of origin. Since the name of Windsor chair is more like design than where it came from, the chair of Windsor chair is popular all over the world.

The English settlers introduced Windsor chair to Americans, deputy governor of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania Mr. Patrick is the earliest discovered imported, so the Windsor chair, and later the legend, the first American Windsor chair, in 1730, Philadelphia in the United States from the traditional British design produced.


However, the legend from beginning to now, 400 years later, CDG furniture company, breaking the traditional wood materials, innovative use of new metal material production Windsor chair, the chair can be widely used in outdoor, meet a growing outdoor leisure restaurant and cafe market.

The Advantage of Custom Furniture

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Custom furniture is not a new concept now, but a real trend of home and abroad. The so-called custom furniture, is the enterprise according to the consumer’s design requirements to create personal exclusive furniture. Compared with traditional furniture, customized furniture is not a product, but every consumer is regarded as a separate market, fully meet the subjective requirements of consumers. CDG furniture is a custom furniture manufacturers., such as the overall wardrobe, the overall bookcase, stepping cloakroom, wall wardrobe, the overall furniture and other products of various appellations are custom made furniture.

Custom furniture is now very popular, has replaced the traditional furniture making momentum, loved by many owners. So what about custom furniture? Custom furniture, whether for consumers or for production enterprises, the advantages are obvious. CDG furniture is a custom furniture factory. here, we do not say the benefits of the enterprise, mainly to explore the benefits of customized furniture to consumers.


Fortunately, it can meet the personal needs of consumers. Custom furniture is not mass production, so it will not be popular, and its design basis is mainly derived from the consumer’s hobbies. Regardless of the color matching or style, consumers can freely choose, in other words, tailored, can be unique, unique personality.

Two. Fortunately, consumers can control the cost of furniture materials. Custom furniture property parameters can be customized, so consumers can control the cost of furniture, think the cost is too high, you can reduce the appropriate amount. In addition, the custom furniture brand is generally looking for fixed suppliers, material protection, and the price will be relatively cheap.


Three. Fortunately, the depth of communication when shopping. The purchase of ordinary finished furniture, consumers and businesses to communicate only stay in a simple level, and custom furniture, consumers and businesses to have the depth of communication, so that consumers can maximize the satisfaction, more at ease in terms of security.

Style Classification of Dining Furniture

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What are the styles of catering furniture? Dining furniture can be divided into modern simplicity, industrial retro, rural pastoral, Chinese solid wood, classical art, personalized creativity, fashion and leisure seven styles.

Modern minimalist furniture is mainly based on the simple style of furniture. This kind of catering furniture can meet the needs of people’s daily use, and make furniture structure as simple as possible, fashionable, flexible and popular.


The performance of modern style Home Furnishing designed to be simple but not simple, stylish and elegant, very classic design elements of postmodernism, modern style design will Home Furnishing space decorated deep, elegant and failure of modern design style, suitable for young fashion Home Furnishing.


The design concept of industrial retro furniture is the need for personalization and practicality. The main products are industrial wind retro furniture series, dining table dining chair series, sofa seat series, furniture styles above color can be customized according to the needs.

Industrial wind retro furniture production materials mainly based on solid wood and metal. Wooden desks and chairs are used as tables and chairs, so that the depth and texture of the wood can be completely displayed. Especially the old wood, furniture made more texture.


Rustic style furniture design has gradually prevailed, can be roughly divided into European garden furniture, American country furniture, Korean garden furniture and Chinese rural style furniture, furniture products are the main dining table, dining chair, dining room sofa etc..


Classical art furniture can be divided into two categories, antique furniture with collection value and imitation Ming and Qing style furniture. The tables and chairs of Chinese and European classical furniture are mainly made of solid wood, while keeping the classical flavor while meeting the aesthetic standards of the contemporary people.


CDG furniture is a professional dining table and chair, metal desk and chair and outdoor furniture manufacturer. Founded in 2006, has been more than 15 years of history, flagship catering, furniture and metal furniture.

Retro Effects Desks and Chairs

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The latest, popular retro finish, takes you through the experience of the past. Metal furniture in our professional hand repair color perfect and natural showing retro effect.

The chair is made of powder paint and hand color, so that the surface is smooth and natural, the texture coating still keeps the integrity of the metal, and the completion of the shedding effect is more natural. Our vintage and retro furniture bar stool, suitable for bars, restaurants, cafes, a variety of colors for your choice, simple but not dull, the more the corresponding table, bar collocation, the more overall coordination, no need to worry because collocation.


CDG furniture is a professional retro furniture manufacturer, is a professional metal furniture supplier.

A Simple Art Chair

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Inspired by the rattan chair, with the pursuit of beauty and the art of the extension, the Italian realized by Harry. Harry bertoia chair in the rattan chairs to a beautiful ghost. With a soft rattan furniture also has strong durable Yang steel, iron chair glorious completed the rigid flexible and beneficial to all out mission.


The series of iron wire chairs show the connotation and temperament of modern simple furniture with bright and smooth lines, simple and elegant colors and exquisite workmanship! This kind of furniture always creates a peaceful, unconstrained, natural and harmonious atmosphere!

Wire Chair

Especially with the improvement of people’s living standard and taste improvement, low carbon, environmental protection, practicality, simple structure, modern, fashion, sturdy and durable wire chair, and has also been welcomed by the market, from the commercial coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, upscale clubs, high-grade office buildings, but also for the family, villas, the pursuit of comfortable, modern fashion life choice.


CDG furniture as a professional manufacturer of metal furniture 15 years of industry experience and the history of precipitation, the product series is not the lack of a chair figure.

Development Prospect Of Metal Furniture

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In the global economic slump and the furniture industry slow development, metal furniture has an irresistible force and the unique charm of the market recognition and favor. Although the metal furniture market share is relatively small, but it is very amazing development speed, and broad space for development.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and quality improvement, the demand for Home Furnishing products more and more the pursuit of excellence, emphasizing individuality. Metal furniture with fresh, green, clean lines and bright characteristics, in the next few years will reflect its especially is one of the mainstream commercial furniture in the furniture industry.


From the appearance of metal furniture, ordinary dusting and handmade antique falls off in different characteristics of the exhibition style. Antique shedding seems to have set off a wave of nostalgia, rolled up a wave of nostalgia in Europe and Australia and the world.

A chair in the clean lines of beauty led another trend of the furniture industry, this year from the Italy Milan exhibition, exhibition chair wire ratio is much higher than in previous years, is expected to a chair will be rapid growth in the furniture market share.


In short, the author is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of metal furniture, the same CDG furniture also with its strong quality backing, with the combination of steel and soft unique design to get the market wide recognition and appreciation of guests!

Development Course And Design Trend Of Chairs

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Generally speaking, the design and development of a product is used to meet the material needs of people in pursuit of high-quality life in the new era, reflecting the economic and technical conditions at that time, and the needs of the development of people’s lifestyle. Meeting people’s real needs is the basic starting point of design. With the change of social environment, people’s income changes, people’s demand is also changing, further to the advanced level of demand development. The chair is to adapt to the social behavior of human beings, weaken and relieve the various fatigue state of human body, is the main furniture to support the normal work and rest of the human body.

The pace of modern social life is very fast, and whether it is life or work, most people are sitting on. According to statistics, people have more than 1/3 time to deal with seats every day. Design for the seat is an important content of modern design, it can be said that there is no relationship between the design of objects and human life can exceed the chair. Therefore, for a long time, people’s exploration and efforts in the design of chairs are very much. CDG furniture is a designer chair manufacturers.


Design is a kind of special art, and the creation process of design is the artistic creation process that follows the principle of practicality and beauty. In order to achieve the purpose of human life and the creation is a kind of artistic creation, the so-called “art” in the creation, design refers to the material production system of “creation” in accordance with the laws of beauty and art activities activity refers to feelings about the beauty of form of pleasure and judgment of experience in the process of evaluation subject. The development of chair is the process of chair design constantly updated. In this course, art constantly influences and promotes the development of chair design style. CDG furniture is a designer chair suppliers.

The development of technology and economy is the basic condition of design and realization. The development of technology requires furniture design to reflect the advantages of new technology and occupy the market by innovation, which will inevitably change the appearance and connotation of furniture design. Throughout the evolution of human design and the history of technology development, we can see that the two are complementary and inseparable. In the history of chair development, too, the change of chair is synchronous with the development of technology. In view of the position of chair in life, it can be regarded as a mirror of technology, art and economic development history. A unique style, novel in design must absorb the chair when the new production technology and materials, flash out of fashion and diversity, reflect the national characteristics and customs. As George Nielsen said in 1953: “a truly original idea — every design innovation, application over a new material, each kind of furniture technology can get the most vivid expression in the chair.”


The trend of chair design gradually develops in the following directions:


(1) safety. Safety is the most important factor in chair design. Chair design should not only protect environment and durability, but also pay attention to “protection” design.

(2) comfort. The comfort of chairs is the first consideration when people buy seats. In order to make chairs more comfortable, the scientific design concept and the latest technology in furniture design and manufacturing are becoming more and more obvious.

(3) personalization. Today is the age of personality openness, liberalization, personalization is the most sought after goal. Chairs, as a kind of furniture, also keep pace with the times. More people should be satisfied with different personality needs.

(4) multi function. Stimulating the pace of life faster and faster, will continue to impact our lives. In the chair design side, the use of stimulating art design is highly valued, because it is good at expressing the feelings of the owner, novelty, unique, very dynamic. Capital market facing demand. Chair design trends have evolved from practicality to laughter, pursuit of individuality, diversity as the main body. The modern chair design should have more innovation. To cater to different customers’ needs.

Industrial Loft design – modern furniture and exposed brick walls

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Industrial brick wall, do not add adornment more than adornment!Today let’s look at how the walls of modern furniture and industrial wind can be hard and magnificent.CDG furniture is an industrial wind furniture manufacturers.

There is no complicated, simple cold, but high cold out of a style! The roughness of the industrial style is like the way to clean up the lead, to integrate personality fashion into the kitchen.Industrial wind can say today 80 hind, 90 hind, the space design style that likes very much, cool to have no friend’s cold, deep marrow of pretend bility.CDG furniture is an industrial wind furniture factory.

With the increasing number of artistic and artistic youth pursuing art, the interior decoration style of industrial style, which is quite retro and decadent, is also popular. The industrial style actually originated from the old factory or warehouse into his studio artists, they tend to be reserved in a spacious open loft space building part of the original style and features, such as exposed wall brick, wood beam and exposed metal pipes and so on. The things the artists kept when they were reinvented would give off a tough old industrial smell that might have been attracted to them.


Generally show the design of the red brick wall is what we often see in the Loft, but today this design presents the building itself is beauty, using industrial wind exposed lines and modern Pop lamps and lanterns, studio, refrigerator and other modern furniture collocation black reversed the ancient meaning metope, mix building a style to decorate rendering.

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