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A Love Letter From The Furniture

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I know you love me,since the first time we met at the store of that city, I saw the joy in you eyes.

You love me, because you keep me clean, and decorate me, make me beautiful.


you sent me roses, and sometimes you hide them on February 14th,. Come on, I’m the furniture, where you are hiding but in my arms.


All right. I am the furniture. I’m joking about wood. I know your joy, because I just like you love the way you like.

I know that you try to clean, it is not to make the most beautiful furniture but your lover likes to clean & decorate home to make the home more beautiful.CDG furniture is an iron furniture supplier. I also certainly know roses on Valentine’s Day for whom.


And what I want to say is that they didn’t say it to you: your lover likes the way you like, but in fact, she thinks you will like it.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.


When the beautiful home soothe the hard work of him, he is also distressed your hard work. I can also see the child’s diary, writing love you, because it all.


I know, of course, that she loves roses more than you think. Because of her efforts to protect, so do not shed petals.


I am the furniture. I know your understanding, and I know your secrets. I am also a love letter, want to say to you: you love the family, is so hot love you.


Happy every day!

How to Clean and Maintain Metal Furniture

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To keep your metal furniture looking its best for years to come, we recommend some minimal care. Use the information below as a guide for cleaning your metal furniture.


Sometimes, metal furniture is hearty, but, like other furniture, needs proper maintenance and care.Before you apply your solution, you should always test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the frame before applying to ensure it doesn’t discolor the finish.CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.

Most metal furniture usually has a protective finish. So, essentially, you’re simply washing a hard-wearing, synthetic top-coat, and all you need is to wash it with a cloth that’s been dipped in and wrung out from a soapy washing-up liquid solution.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.


To keep your metal furniture looking its best, you may wish to store or cover your furniture when not in use for an extended period of time.

“SHARE” a successful coffee shop

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“SHARE” a successful coffee shop


1.Consistently serving the finest espresso

It is rare in business to discover a product where consistently offering 100% quality is the best commercial decision you can make. In fact I am the greatest advocate for the ‘80% is perfect’ commercial model. But espresso coffee is one of those rare products where consistent 100% quality matters. Customers will walk past 10 other competitors to get the best espresso which is why this factor alone means you don’t need the highly visible, most expensive location. So buy the best espresso coffee machine (3/4 group Italian made with e61 groupheads and set to the right pump and temperature levels) install it with a water purifier and demineralizer, use a conical grinder, and only buy top quality Arabica or Arabica 90%/Robusta 10% freshly roasted beans and make sure every cup is made by a fully trained barista who is continually seeking the ‘the god shot’.


2.Ergonomics is vital

Make sure the coffee workstation and layout is such that the barista hardly moves their feet in performing all their coffee making duties and they are not competing for the space with other staff members or functions. High volume coffee sales are the foundation stone of every coffee shop, so make sure this workstation is perfectly laid out with easy access to underneath bins, bean storage and bar fridge milk, having the right height benchtop with easy access to cups, grinder, accessories and reachable overhead storage of supplies. CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.The best setups also have a small inbuilt sink to allow for quick, easy ongoing cleaning. Also, place the cash register on the front counter in close proximity to the barista’s workstation. This allows the barista to hear the customer orders and get a head start on making them in the busy times while allowing the barista to work alone in an efficient way in the very slow times.


3.Use loyalty cards

I resisted using these for a long time … but they really do work. Make sure it is a quality card that will survive some wear and tear and look good in a customer’s wallet. Nothing better than seeing a new customer’s face light up when you give them a buy 7 get the 8th one free loyalty card but tick off 6 of them so that on their very next purchase they get a free one ‘maybe for a friend’. Cheapest customer acquisition and referral system ever.


4.Promote multiple sales

A coffee shop will never make enough money to pay the bills from coffee sales alone. Coffee may be the prime motivator for customers coming to the business, but they must leave with multiple sales if you are going to be successful. As a target, coffee should be no more than 40% of your weekly sales and 2 item sales per customer transaction is the ‘holy grail’ benchmark. So make sure the traditional coffee accompaniments (muffins, cookies, cakes) are close by at the point of sale and the coffee shop offers cold food, cold drinks and some hot food to ensure the best chance of multiple sales.


5.Limit the assortment

Many newbies in the coffee shop game think that wide assortments and extensive product offers are a key competitive advantage. They forget that the customer is simply hungry or thirsty or both and that a wide choices for most people creates anguish. So cover the necessary categories but with limited strategic offers. (e.g. three flavors are enough, three sizes are enough, three types of food/drink are enough). Every item you add to the assortment creates many multiples of management effort (costs) and mostly without adding anything to the revenue streams or customer experience.

6.Merchandise your margins

Price according to perceived customer value not according to accounting determined markups.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers. For some well known items (coke can) you will need to be at or even below market price and this loss should be made up with high margins on other items that are exclusive to you or in the ‘don’t-care and addictive’ mindset of your customers. So don’t add a blanket markup to your entire product assortment, but price line by line according to customer expectations and what the market will bear.


7.Get your beachhead strategies right

Getting traction in a competitive marketplace like coffee shops is vital and you will need to have a clear understanding of how to get customers to initially give you a go and a plan for keeping them returning and referring you to their friends. This is a whole other topic that I have now written about here … What are some Biz Dev best practices for startups?.


8.Counter service

Counter service is the cheapest most efficient and effective service system for a coffee shop and it is now fully accepted by customers thanks to the global success of McDonalds. Counter service is hassle free for both you and your customer and it significantly reduces your wages bill. So get the customers to order and pay upfront, give them a number on a stand along with their drinks and deliver the food or better still give them a buzzer that calls them up to the counter when the food is ready. Counter service means that you can handle the peak demands that occur in coffee shops at breakfast and lunch and it is a lot less stressful on everyone ensuring the friendly banter can remain an important part of your offer.


9.Pre-make as much as possible

Custom-made offers assume that the customers know precisely what they want. They don’t. Customers see you as the expert and are hoping that you will suggest to them the right combination of food/drinks they should be trying. In a coffee shop context I found it best to pre-make the food and leave the custom making to the coffee. Custom food is also a high cost option for you because you can’t get the economies of scale making-to-order and it limits your turnover in those peak periods where you should be busy pumping out the sales as quickly as possible not spending the time making custom orders.


10.Understand what you are really selling

Too many businesses, including coffee shop owners, don’t fully understand the need they are really satisfying for their customers and so they often concentrate on the wrong parts of their offer. Customers frequent a coffee shop for many more reasons than just hunger and thirst. There is the escape from a stressful office, the chance to maintain or grow a relationship, a place to get away to do some reflective work, a chance to engage with familiar coffee shop staff at a particularly lonely time or as a place to do business and reach an agreement. Understanding the needs you are really catering to, will help you better construct your offer and make decisions that keep your customers returning and so maintaining the coffee shop’s success.


11.Target takeaways

I know all your friends will tell you to get comfortable lounges, free Wi-Fi, table service and lots of in-house entertainment … but customers sitting on one cup of coffee for hours enjoying all these benefits, won’t pay your rent. My most financially successful coffee shops had a limited number of not-so-comfortable bench & bar stools to make the coffee shop look lived in and loved, but I concentrated on building the takeaway business. Takeaway customers pay the same price as the sit-down customer but without any of the occupancy costs and you will serve 10 of them by the time your sit down customer has finished sipping on their first cup of coffee as they enjoy a chat with their friends on Facebook using your free Wi-Fi service.


12.Serve on the front line

Thanks to Jason Chen for reminding me of this other important aspect of building a successful coffee shop. Coffee shops, like restaurants, are much more a people/service business than they are a goods/transactional one. While a goods/transactional business can still succeed with a non-present owner (convenience store), a coffee shop needs the owners care, attention and engagement. Customers expect it and staff are far more enlivened when the owner in on hand taking orders or making coffee or is generally hovering in active care of the business.


Guangzhou CDG furniture specialist Contract and Garden furniture and supply a large number designer coffee shop chairs .Welcome you to view our products link.

Home tour breathing space

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Open-plan living

The owners had sustainability in mind when they renovated their single-storey Victorian terrace in inner-city Melbourne. With help from eco-minded architects Breathe Architecture, they turned the cramped, dark space into a sunny family home with a reduced ecological footprint.

Living and dining area

In the living and dining area, a row of clerestory windows along the roofline and glass bi-fold doors contribute to the light and bright feel, while recycled messmate flooring, finished in a natural oil sealant, lends warmth and a sense of flow.CDG furniture is a dining set  manufacturers.


Master bedroom

The four-poster bed, made of industrial steel pipes and dressed in ‘Harper’ linen from Linen House, was shipped all the way from Crate & Barrel in the US some years ago. For a similar style of bed, try Ikea’s ‘Edland’ four-poster bed in wood. At the other end of the room are a custom-made desk and a chair from Map International.

Bar style – Personality industrial style is heating

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Industrial style combined with nostalgia trend, it popular from Europe to all over the world. In China, more and more bars in this style .Industrial style bar with unique personality,makes customer enjoy stimulating sense in comfortable and excited relaxation. CDG furniture is a dining set manufacturers.Under this kind of environment,people had to stretch out the tired nerves and release the desire to be imprisoned.

Industrial style originated in the industrial period. Because of the poor workers in the bottom of society, they lived in the abandoned factories, used the old wood and scrap to make industrial style furniture. CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer. Copper and iron in light yellow,wood in grey black, and cold cement all is the symbol of industrial style furniture.


For now, a combination of nostalgia, industrial style decoration become a new fashion trend.It popular from the birthplace of Europe to America , Asia and almost every major city in the world, where are able to see the theme of industrial style of the space. Bar design is no exception.


Industrial style of the bar decoration design, which mainly using the metal is emitting a dazzling light of the real light, aesthetic mysterious Gothic dome, and the steam era of decadent and cry, instantly moved people.Industrial style bar with unique personality,make customer enjoy stimulating sense,beautiful and unique artistic conception,comfortable and excited relaxation. Under this kind of environment,people had to stretch out the tired nerves and release the desire to be imprisoned.

In current domestic China, bar decoration style highly praised this nostalgic industrial style. Some people feel that this kind of exotic style, in China seems a bit small but misfits, personally think that this is actually not much. Just like Every man has his hobbyhorse, in China, with industrial texture of the bar and there will be support by the consumer groups.


On the domestic, the general bar of the consumer groups mostly white-collar class, their work pressure is very large, the life needs of the appropriate decompression.

So the bar create a relaxed, comfortable environment , but also will reflect the style of their own culture to the customer, so that customers of the thoughts in the relax temporarily from irritability in life and work out.The industrial style bar that publicity uninhibited personality can stimulate people’s senses and make people to relax themself. In addition, the bar style can also meet some people follow the foreign fashion petty consumer mentality, but also be able to meet their curiosity about the factory shop!

Scandinavia design

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One of the most significant contributions of the Scandinavian countries to the European fine arts has been in the field of design. The Scandinavian countries have achieved world-wide renown by attributing a modern aesthetic to their traditional craft industries.

The strong indigenous craft tradition, which developed as early as the Viking age, was

preserved and protected in the Scandinavian arts throughout the centuries. The awakening of these crafts into a conscious national aesthetic in the 19th century laid the foundations of a movement that would represent the new modern Scandinavia and achieve international acclaim  by the 20th. CDG furniture is a commercial furniture suppliers. The idea of beautifying simple, everyday objects in modern styles and materials and producing them with low cost production has absorbed the Scandinavian design world forthe past century.


In Sweden the craft arts avoided this elitist production of arts and instead struck upon a

diplomatic ideal of creating an appealing aesthetic without compromising functionality.




In Finland the work of architect-designer Alvar Aalto and his firm Artek, took advantage of the new machine-processed wood (such as laminated ply wood) to experiment with new forms. He  gained international acclaim by designing furniture as an organic component of the architecture he was designing.




The most consistently traditional craft based industry was Danish furniture making. This was Internationally recognised in the post war years as high quality and hand made.

During the war years, while it remained virtually their only resource, Denmark led the world in its innovative wood sculpting techniques. With the importing of teak, which became popular after the Indochina war, the Danes developed a light and practical furniture that was simple, bright and user-friendly. This gained European popularity, especially in the cramped living spaces of Germany, and led to a wave of imitation Danish teak furniture*



The later half of the 20th century saw a cohesive ‘Scandinavian design’ develop based on

democratic ideals and using new materials such as form-pressed wood, plastics, anodized or enamelled aluminium, pressed steel and low cost mass production. This produced an international golden phase for Scandinavian design.



In the post-war years Scandinavian art became more diverse as each country responded to modernity in different ways*. All the countries shared a socially democratic recognition of social equality, industrialisation and urbanisation as factors of modern life. These developed differently  in each country, giving a special identity to the design traditions of each. However, to the rest of Europe, these features displayed unifying qualities such as humanism, tradition, moderation, handcrafted perfectionism, modesty, quietude and purposefulness*. This was reflected in the use of simple, uncomplicated, minimalism, stylisation, functionality and low cost mass production of the designs.


Why the metal furniture become the popular trend ?

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in recent years,Metal furniture become more and more popular, more and more consumers will choose the metal furniture to decorate their homes, also commercial center is ubiquitous elements in metal furniture, what caused the surge, let’s get together to explore. And CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturers.

1.Metal furniture features extremely elegant demeanour, kinds of species diversity, have fold function, an aesthetic value, good and inexpensive products.


2.Metal furniture, high degree of finish, high plasticity, strong and durable, modelling design is changing; Its unique metal “cold” texture, makes sorching summer, wrought iron furniture selling season.


3.Colour and style changeable, when consumer selecting,they can make businesses according to what they want to for the style, to satisfy the meet a variety of decoration style. Compared with wood, steel furniture, personalized and plasticity are slightly better shape.


4.Many material combination ,get rid of the constraint, wrought iron furniture season. In wrought iron furniture, with “metal cloth art” and the combination of “metal” real wood, metal and the combination of cloth art is a just a soft furniture, carved exquisite detail, shaping a full-bodied French romantic emotional appeal. And the metal and the simple combination of real wood, give a person the sense with concise, of primitive simplicity, but at the same time and do not break real wood the wind of massiness, quiet.


5.Metal furniture, with its unique to metal material character of wind resistance, anti-aging, and bug eat by moth resistance make it a place in the furniture manufacturing materials, and wrought iron furniture with its metal texture, beautiful modelling, and excellent performance, and more get the favour of consumers. Besides contracted and cool and refreshing, some, wrought iron furniture, with its unique golden appearance, also can build a magnificent palace heavy feeling.

What kind of furniture you should buy ? It’s all in the details

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Furniture is an important aspect of most peoples lives. Whether you’re sat on a chair, lying on a bed or working at a desk it’s hard to go a day without the need for some sort of furniture item. We store our belongings in them, we use them for dining, we use them for pleasure and of course for various forms of work. Dining tables, sideboards, sofas, office desks, bar stools, wardrobes, drawers, coffee tables and chairs… these are just some of the many items that help us in everyday life.


In it’s very nature a piece of furniture is designed to provide a function. You define a requirement and then choose a design that will provide a suitable solution to that need. If you need to store lever arch files then you will probably choose some type of cabinet or like wise if you need something to eat from then a dining table is the best choice. This is all very obvious stuff. Now the question is what is the difference between normal furniture and designer furniture. For sure the price is generally different. But why?

A great piece of furniture starts with the imagination of it’s creator. A good designer will explore ideas and develop a solution to a furniture need. A great designer will go one step further. They will turn a functional piece of furniture design into a work of art. Through a careful arrangement of shapes and lines a form can be created that goes beyond function. Think of the iconic Lounge chair designed by Eames in 1956. This is more than just a chair. Yes it is comfortable, but more importantly it is stunning. A perfect combination of materials and aesthetic appeal.


Designer furniture should be engaging, thought provoking, be pleasing on the eye and it should impress. Every detail should work in harmony, all materials carefully chosen and its function should be embedded without sacrifice of aesthetic beauty. Designer furniture should be an investment. You are buying a piece of furniture that excites you, it is more than just a functioning object. It is meant to inspire, to generate emotion and stir conversation. If a dining table can become the talking point of a dinner party or an office desk be a place that inspires you to work then it is successful. It is more than just furniture.


CDG furniture is a metal furniture factory.Take a look around CDG website and decide for yourself if our designs trigger an emotion. We approach each design with passion and believe our creations command appreciation. We aim to produce works of art built to last generations.

How to Match the Furniture

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Nowadays, it is no longer to buy perferct matching furniture. Actually, it is no need to make your tables, shelves, chairs and other furniture be the same color or wood tone in order to make up a cohesive and well-designed room. Of course, there are some things to consider before choosing the items that are suitable for you and your lovely house.

Find Out What You Are Interested in: If you are interested in a particular piece of furniture while checking out a sale, take time to really investigate. You are decorating your house based on personal taste, so just follow your heart.


Set a Theme: Just because your furniture doesn’t have to match doesn’t mean there can’t be some common element to bring each item together.This means that you could choose a general color scheme or feel for your room & apartment. Or your could have a certain time period in mind and go with mainly midcentury or modern items.


Remade it: When you are looking the furnitures, pay more attention to the shape of the items rather than the color or finish- those things can be changed. In fact, if you find an item whose design catch your eyes, get it! You can remake it to match the rest of your decoration.


Mixing and matching furniture pieces can make your rooms more of a personal creation than a scene from a home store window. But knowing where to start can be tricky. Just have a general idea in mind, know your personal taste, and add in some finishing touches to make sure your room looks cohesive rather than just thrown together.

How to Maintain and Clean Metal Furniture

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CDG’s metal furniture are including Steel (Iron) and Aluminum two materials.

Normally steel furniture just can be indoor use only. But CDG’s steel furniture with E-coating or with Vintage finish, can be use for outdoor as well.

And our Aluminum material furniture can be use for indoor and outdoor use.

1.How to maintain metal furniture

(1).If the furniture made of Steel, without E-coating or not Vintage Finish, it is better use at dry interior environment.

(2).If Aluminum furniture and steel furniture (with E-coating or not Vintage Finish) use at outdoor, it is better use under umbrella or gazebo.And store away the cushions when you don’t us the furniture.

(3).Protect well the metal furniture’s surface treatment, don’t collide with hard objects.

(4).Clean the furniture surface regularly.

2. How to clean metal furniture

Metal furniture collects dust and grime just as easily as wood or plastic furniture, and has the added risk of developing rust.

Whether your metal furniture is used indoors or outdoors, it can benefit from a regular cleaning schedule to remove any accumulated debris.

So you can clear as the following steps:

1.Bring the furniture to outside in a sunny, dry day. Remove any cushions or fabric covers from the furniture.

2.Fill a bucket with warm water. Add several tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap.

3.Put a nylon scrub brush into the warm, soapy water and scrub the entire surface of the piece of furniture.

4.Take an old toothbrush into the water and use it to scrub any grooves or corners that the larger brush could not reach.

5.Rinse the piece of furniture with clean water from a garden hose. If there are unremovable pieces of fabric on the piece, rinse out a sponge and run the damp sponge over the fabric to remove any dust or dirt.

6.Wipe the furniture dry with a towel.

Following the above steps to maintain and clear the metal furniture, which can be use at least 3 to 5 years.

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